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Tips and Tricks When Choosing a Name for Your Business

Congratulations! You have developed an eye-catching product and you have recently hired a handful of expert salespeople. Your website is nearly complete and you plan to be up and running within a few months. Unfortunately, one glaring problem represents the elephant in the room. You have not yet been able to decide upon a name for your small business. Not only is this situation very common, but you might be surprised to learn that some of the most recognised firms in the world had a difficult time. For example, the original name for Google was BackRub. Nike was initially known as Blue Ribbon Sports. Pepsi-Cola was simply referred to as “Brad’s Drink” in the beginning. So, how can you brainstorm in order to discover a great and memorable name for your budding business?

Getting Back to the Basics

While some will argue that thinking outside of the box is the best way to choose a name, the fact of the matter is that this approach can confuse you even further. It is therefore a good idea to simplify the process from the onset. This involves answering a handful of key questions:

  • What idea are you hoping to convey through this name?
  • What qualities should this name embrace (streamlined, reliable and user-friendly are some examples)?
  • How long do you want the name to be?

In regards to this final question, many feel that shorter names attract more attention. They are also easy to remember; an important windfall from the point of view of brand recognition. This is likely the reason why “Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spice” curtailed their brand to Starbucks Coffee. You might still encounter problems even if all of these concepts have been adequately identified. Not all hope is lost thanks to you ability to access an intuitive name generator within seconds. 

Leveraging the Tools at Your Disposal

Many will use algorithmic programs such as those provided by Shopify if they have reached a plateau in terms of creativity. These applications will generate a name based off of the keywords that you provide. As a result, a number of variations are displayed in no time at all. One title found within this list might particularly resonate with your desires. Or, you may see a handful of examples that are able to provide further inspiration. Another massive advantage of these services is that they will automatically determine whether or not a certain domain name already exists. This will save a massive amount of time as opposed to having to discover this situation the hard way after you have already decided upon a title for your business.

A business name is one of the most powerful assets of any company. It therefore stands to reason that you should put a significant amount of effort into the thought process. The ability to generate numerous names with the help of cutting-edge software adds another “string to the bow” in terms of turning your dream into a reality.

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