Tips for Making a New Office Work for You

If you’re about to relocate your business to a new office then you’ll already be up to your eyes in organisation; quotes, lists, ten-point plans, lists, phonecalls and maybe a few lists. It’s important to get it right because the working environment has a direct impact on productivity and morale.

It’s easy to get so overwhelmed with the details and the to-do lists that you make some very common mistakes that can have serious knock-on effects. Here are four of the main ones you need to avoid when you find your ideal offices to let in Twickenham.

Not making space for both private and collaborative work projects

The move towards more open-plan offices has meant that there’s more collaboration between departments and individual colleagues. There’s no more closed doors, fancy big and forbidding-looking offices for higher management and cramped cubicles for the underlings… Everyone can see and speak to everyone else, which is great, of course. However, if you miss out on the more private areas, then you’ll be preventing huddles, stopping the more distractible staff from knuckling down and forcing people to make awkward phone calls in public.

Creating a workplace where collaboration is forced

We all know collaboration is vital, but it doesn’t happen in a Petri dish. You can’t force it to develop and grow. Sometimes big ideas come from people having a laugh and a joke around a water cooler or even in a stairwell. If you have enough spaces for people to cross paths, hang out for a few minutes and maybe grab a drink and a chair, then this is how you can encourage (not make) magic happen. Leaving notepads and pens around in these spaces or having a few items of connected furniture can give things a nudge, too. When the muse visits, it’s handy to have a pen!

Having just enough room for your present needs

OK, eschewing a bit of square footage might save you some money each month, but what happens when you find you’ve run out of space? All the money you saved will be wiped out when it’s time to move. Your business needs room to grow, to employ more people, to install more machines and if you can’t even begin to do that without moving, then you might as well tie one hand behind your back. Not only is an office relocation expensive in itself, but you have to down tools for several days.

Forgetting about your branding in all the excitement

Your office isn’t just a functional thing – the place where you work, have meetings, send out deliveries from and so on. It’s actually a multi-tasking space because it’s a branding asset, too.

Your office space is a chance to tell clients, employees and competitors who you are, what your business is about and what your vision and aims are. When you think about decorating the interior of your new space, make sure the colours are right for your brand and logo. You should also add touches that are related to your ethos – if you’re all about carbon reduction, provide glasses rather then plastic cups at the cooler, for example.

Moving office is a new chance, a new platform for your business, so make sure you get it right.

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