Tips for Renters- 5 Things You Should Not Do While Renting.

It’s indeed great to renting property but most of the time it’s menacing. Even if you are careful from your end, you can’t have a control on top of everyone or everything, and there is always a possibility of risk that you have to meet with unexpectedly.  In order to avoid such situations or to find your renting more easily, here are some things that you need to consider, while examining the rental market. Though, all of these things will not be sufficient to aid you avoid all the hazardous situations but yes, you will have a great support by them.

Rent sounds to be good

In real-estate investments, there is a lot of money to be had and typically, a homeowner will tend to charge you with the maximum amount he can, so you should be little careful in this segment. There would hardly be any occasion when you will get to find a property that is both cheap and amazing, as they are exception so you don’t need to accept much of this.

It’s strongly suggested to ask a lot of questions to look for property that is cheap and good. If you will ask questions, you will get to uncover a lot of things about the property that you want to get. Inspect the property and check out the distance between the property and other amenities like transport facility, clubs, gym and all.

Making payment in cash without signing the lease

Most of the people listen their landlords a lot but this is actually not cool and it may put you in trouble in future. So moving into the property without signing a lease is filling out the property damage check is not a wise deal. Avoid doing that. Leases are important that help both landlord and tenant to settle the disputes that may arise in between.

If you are choosing a home to rent then it’s essential to sign the lease. If your landlord says that there is no need to sign a lease then there is something that is being hidden from you. It’s ok to make payment in cash but ask the landlord for the receipt on the spot. Private rentals are also good but be sure that the landlord goes through the correct avenues with a proper lease along with the timely receipts for payment of your rent and proper lease.

Accepting Disrepair or poor repairs

Properties are required to be repaired and maintained in their natural life but those should be in safe, legal and responsible way. It’s the landlord’s prerogative to pick the means and the methods by which their property is up kept, and their tenants have the rights to a safe property in a livable condition. In case if you find that repairs have been made with the rudimentary  materials such as the glues, string or duct tape then you have the rights to question it before moving. A poorly maintained property is the sign that landlord doesn’t give any care towards their tenants safety.

Avoiding Negative Feedback of Tenants and Neighbours

When it comes to identify the behaviour of someone, mouth of words are the best ways to identify actual face. So you are suggested to value the negative feedback from tenants or neighbours. Though, while you are shifting to a new property, it’s tough to contact the previous tenants but you can get in touch with the neighbours. If they don’t have positive reviews about landlord then you need to tread carefully.

Accepting the unwanted belongings from landlords

If you are renting from your friend or any acquaintance and you are feeling comfortable in making special arrangements in your rental agreement then it’s ok but if you are renting from the unknown landlord whose half of the stuff is still on the property and it’s not included in the agreement then it’s not good for you. Make sure that they keep away all their luggage outside your property or if they want to include it then it’s required to be mentioned in the agreement. If you are paying rent for the full property then don’t let them utilize the extra space because at last, you will have to pay.

By keeping these tips in mind, you would be able to meet your dream renting in a hassle free way.


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