Tips for spray foam insulation in the home

When you are working on the spray foam insulation, you might need to consider a few tips and tricks before you start the insulation. It is important to get the job done before it gets messy and stressful. Therefore, it is important for you to find out what are the necessary steps that you must know before the spray insulation.

Wear proper gear

When you are planning for the spray foam insulation, you must have protective gear for it. It is important for you to wear a protective suit which has respirators to ensure that you can breathe easily. Also, find out some chemical resistant gloves and goggles to complete your attire. It will save you from spattering from spray and any other chemical reaction.

Don’t spray on a wet surface

Make sure you check the moisture level of every space that you are planning to spray with. It is important that the moisture level of all these areas is not more than 20%. If the moisture level is more than 20%, then it might not be a great idea to spray the area with spray foam insulation.

You can check out the moisture of a particular area by using the moisture meter. A moisture meter can tell you properly about the moisture of that particular area.


Plan what area you have to cover before you finally start the spray foam insulation. You have to make sure that you are clearing the room properly and then deciding which areas are proper for the insulation. Collect all the equipment that you need. You will also need fans or ventilation to let the fumes out of your house. After you have completed all the precautionary measures, you can start with the spray foam insulation.

Cover windows with plastic

Make sure you also cover the windows and doors with plastic. The spray foam can ruin the glass and the windows; therefore, it is important that you cover them with plastic to ensure there is no damage. Also, cover the switches and power outlets with masking tapes to save them from any spray spatter.

Lubricate the gun

Lubricate the gun every time you change the tip of the gun. It will enhance the functionality of the gun and make the work easier for you. Most of the spray insulation guns come with lubrication that you can use. You can also look for the spray foam trailers for sale for better use. For further information, you can follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. You must dispose of and change the tips according to the instructions given.

Fiberglass and foam combination

You can make a combination of fiberglass insulation and spray foam insulation. It will not only save money but also save a lot of your effort. When you are using fiberglass after laying down one layer of the spray foam, then the fiberglass will fill the cavity, and it will save money. The fiberglass has incredible air sealing properties.

Whenever you are planning for the spray foam insulation, you must find out what are the particular instructions and requirements for the insulation. And for the money-saving purpose, you can also look for the spray foam trailers for sale. It might help you a lot in saving a bit more money.

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