Tips for young graduates moving to London

When you graduate, the world is your oyster. And the centre of the world seems to be London! London is an exciting place, but going from weekend visits to your new home might be a little bit of a culture shock.

If you are concerned about making the move, read on. We have some handy hints and top tips for graduates moving to London.

Find your home

One of the most important things to consider when making the move to London is deciding where to live. While every corner of London has something to offer, you probably will not be able to afford areas closer to central London. Opt for trendy East London for culture and excitement, or head out to the South West to be close to the river. Where you choose to live will possibly depend on where you work – but make sure the area suits you.

How to travel

Luckily, even if you end up living some distance from your workplace, you can grab an Oyster card and travel using London’s superior public transport system. With the Oyster card being usable on buses, tubes, trains and even boats, it is quick and easy to get all over the city.

Make some space

Are you moving from home and have a bit too much stuff? If you’re moving into a flatshare, it can be a shock to be in a single room without the option to spill out. Even if you shared at university, you probably shared with friends, not strangers. Don’t clutter up the communal areas – there are plenty of self-storage options to help you to keep your possessions safe and sound until you have the space to bring them home.

Get friendly

It can be scary if you are moving into a flatshare with strangers, but making friends is important! You can get to know those you live with, even if you just share one meal a week or watch a movie together. Aside from that, whether it’s a running group or a book club, join something to help you get out and about to meet people in your new city. It will help you to feel more at home and settle in faster!

Save money

This is the last thing you want to do in a new city, but saving money is the only way to get along in London. Pick and choose the activities outside of work that are really important to you. So maybe skip the morning latte and Friday night takeaway, but enjoy an evening at the theatre with your newfound friends. It’s all about priorities when you’re living in one of the world’s best and most exciting cities!.

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