Top 5 Best Floor Plan Creators

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There is no question as to why someone would want a floor plan creator. Nobody wants a haphazard structure of their room or office, especially when they need a floor plan for their own home.

A floor plan is a rough blueprint of how your house would look after its construction. It is a 2D layout of the entire space of your house or office. You can use various tools, whether online or offline, to create a floor plan for your house.

Although floor plans can be drawn by hand, here we will enlist the top 5 online floor plan creators. These are the softwares that can be used to create 3D floor plans for your house or any interior-designing project.

This list has been created after thorough research and gives you a comprehensive guide to some of the best floor plan creators out there:

1- Foyr Neo
2- Smartdraw
3- Floorplanner
4- HomeStyler
5- Roomle

1- Foyr Neo

Kick out the old-school way of creating floor plans and get Foyr Neo. This cool tool has everything you need to design your floor plan. It is easy to use, and you don’t need to have any technical knowledge of CAD or 3D modelling.

Foyr floor plan creator creates floor plans that are accurate, to scale, and are interactive. You can switch between 2D and 3D with a single click. It also gives you 3D renders within minutes, saving lots of your time because all of the renderings take place on Foyr Neo’s servers.

You can start from scratch and draw a 2D design and then shift to 3D, or you can upload your own and trace it. There is a lot of inspiration within its catalogue of over 50,000 pre-3D modelled products. You can drag and drop these products into your design and further customize them.

Foyer Neo has a 14-day trial for you to see if this interface works for you. If you want to continue using Neo, you can purchase their Standard Plan that is billed yearly at $49. The Basic Plan is priced the same but billed monthly and has fewer features than the Standard Plan.

2- Smartdraw

This flowchart maker has over 70 different diagram types for floor plans and other flowcharts. It gives you a perfect layout in minutes with its powerful automatic formatting and is an excellent tool for sharing and collaboration.

With thousands of templates and symbols, Smartdraw allows you to create stunning and detailed floor plans that anyone can easily visualize. It has an intelligent formatting engine that helps your diagrams to adjust themselves automatically.
Smartdraw can be easily integrated with other tools such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Powerpoint and is a great tool to create high-quality floor plans.

However, if you require advanced features and a more engaging interface, you might not like to work on Smartdraw. For that, you can choose more specialized software.

You can buy their primary plan of $9.95 per month or their Team plan of $5.95 per month.

3- Floorplanner

Floorplanner is another great online floor plan creator that automatically corrects the scale for each item you drag and drop onto your plan. With over 150,000 3D objects, Floorplanner allows you to decorate your space with actual items. You can also use the Magic Layout function to test different layouts and styles.

This floor plan creator is also compatible with other laser tools such as MAC PD-I, Hersch Lem, and Leica Disto. You can use Floorplanner even if you don’t have any prior CAD knowledge. Apart from its symbol library, Floorplanner includes cloud synchronization and the option to upload or create new furniture.

The Basic plan of Floorplanner is free for Individuals and charge $5 if you want an upgrade to the Plus plan. If you are a company or a group of members and looking to purchase a plan, Floorplanner would cost you $59 per month if you’re going for a basic Team plan.

4- Homestyler

Homestyler is a browser-based tool that allows you to build your floor plan in 2D and furnish it with furniture from top brands. When you’re done, you can walk through the entire space in a photo-realistic 720 panorama view.

It has a vast furniture library and gives high-quality renders. The software has a free basic plan and charges around $25.9 for a pro version. If you don’t want to spend money on your floor plan,

Homestyler is a good option for you.

The easy-to-use interface and availability on different platforms make Homestyler a good choice, but it isn’t powerful enough to create 3D models.

The cost of Homestyler starts at $20 per month. It has a free trial available for anyone to see if this software is for them.

5- Roomle

Best for office managers and homeowners, Roomle is another online floor plan creator with a free basic plan. It is the first open logic 3D configurator and can model digital products with surreal photography.

Roomle can also show you images in 4k rendering before they have been produced.

With a free trial available to let you test the product before buying it, anyone can use Roomle, from design experts to newbies. It has various features you can use to get your customized floor plan just the way you want.

The cost of Roomle begins at $176 per month, which is a little pricey.

What Should You Get?

From the above list, the best is Foyr Neo. Not only is it affordable, but it has all the features one would require to create a detailed, customized floor plan for their house or office.
Although everyone has their fit regarding prices and features, we have tried to narrow the list down to some of the few best floor plan creators out there to give you the customized floor plan you want.

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