Top 5 tools that help real estate agencies

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Technology is transforming every industry — project management systems and human resource software are being adopted across sectors to increase efficiency and improve customer service.

And real estate is no different — digital innovations are enhancing human skills rather than replacing them.

So here are the top five tools that help real estate agencies.

  1. 3D tours

3D tours from a reality capture system like Matterport are the next best thing to walking through a property in reality.

Agents simply scan a property with a 3D camera and upload the data to the cloud where it’s processed into 4K doll’s house and walkthrough views that can be share directly with potential purchasers.

When buyers or renters can explore every nook and cranny of a property in their own time, repeat in-person visits are unnecessary.

  1. Electronic signatures

Signatures are still a legal requirement for many documents at vital stages of a client’s journey towards purchasing or renting a property.

But electronic signature software like Docusign allows signatures to be captured on any internet-ready device for landlord contracts, tenancy agreements, references and inventories.

The secure system can be customised for your agency and increases process speeds to improve cash flow.

  1. Contract management

A CRM system like Contactually allows you to sync your phone and email history to centralise your network and share contacts with colleagues — as well as sorting old and new contacts into prioritised buckets.

You can keep a close eye on every deal with productivity pipelines that quickly show the current position and automate delegated tasks to team members at vital stages.

Keeping track of multiple clients isn’t easy, but a good CRM works wonders by making project co-ordination and teamwork more manageable.

  1. Transaction management

Transaction management software from a provider like Dotloop allows you to draft, capture and securely store every piece of paperwork for a real estate deal.

You can collaborate with teammates to customise and tweak templates and they’re stored to evidence legal compliance.

These systems cut down on onerous admin tasks and are probably more secure in data protection terms than having countless paper files in offices and vehicles.

  1. Lead nurturing

Good estate agents know they need to get results for good leads fast and a lead nurturing tool like RealScout makes the whole process smooth and swift.

It quickly sifts through multiple listing service data and finds the perfect properties for lucrative leads based on 400 specific criteria.

The latest and most relevant listings are sent to customers via alerts customised with your brand and contact details.

When you can collate and curate the best matches for clients, closing the deal is much simpler.

Trial any of these top five tools that help real estate agencies and you should see noticeable improvements in your firm’s agility, customer service and profitability.

Do you use any of these real estate agent tools? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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