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Top Christmas Marketing Ideas to Boost your Estate Agency

It seems to be getting earlier and earlier every year, the marketing of it that is, that we are promoting Christmas. Adverts on television in October or before, shelves festively stacked in supermarkets in November and the decorations appearing in high street stores… Don’t we all dread that Facebook post from one of our family or friends that it is only 6 weekends until Christmas? Fortunately I have yet to hear any of the usual Christmas songs on the radio just yet!

As an estate agent you have a much different role on the high street compared to the local toy store or gadget outlet, Christmas sales and decorations may not be exactly a necessity in order to increase sales, usually at this time of the year there is a slight slow down in activity as people are usually already in motion for the move in before Christmas or resigned to spending another festive period in the same old property.

Can you be festive as an estate agent?

Nothing of course stops you being just like your local high street neighbours and get your estate agency shop front in the mood for Christmas, people will still window browse (though many will say regardless if you have tinsel in the window or not), but what about going for it and making that real special Christmas attraction window? You are of course in the business of selling / renting property, but you are also after engaging with your local community so rather than a couple of sellotaped decorations stuck in the window, why not invest time to create something special? You can gain free positive local PR, social media shares and more!

You can also look at a Christmas theme to your seasonal branding, from your email signature to your Twitter account as well as your emails and leaflet marketing, all your channels of communication should take on a nice respectful festive feel. I would also suggest nothing too overpowering as not everyone celebrates Christmas, but most people will be fine and happy to enjoy all that goes with celebrating Xmas knowing that us here in Britain love to enjoy this special time of year.

What about open evenings leading up to Christmas, especially to coincide with late night shopping and offering a theme such as ‘Find out what your home worth today‘ or simply ‘Celebrate Christmas early with your local estate agency‘ over mince pies and mulled wine / hot drinks? If it were my agency, I would organise a theme event such as ‘a brief history of your home town‘ and invite a local historian to give a talk to your invited guests / booked guests so you can engage with and grow your customer relationships… What you can or can not serve at your premises of course will be down to what regs you come under and have in place.

Organising events / contests at Christmas is also a great way of finding new and getting to know clients better. This you should look to involve your social media channel(s) in order to drive awareness and entries – Sometimes a simple Christmas hamper can entice many entries and importantly new user data (followers / subscribers etc). A great Christmas contest could be simply one to discover the best Christmas decorations locally inviting your community to upload photos of their displays and tag you in / include a hashtag.


Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn. Writes about UK property prices, housing and affordable homes.

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