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Top tips to help sell your property faster

Many people will simply place their house on the market and be in a position that offers and a buyer will come their way in not too much time thereafter… The situation has slightly turned around of late and homes are not flying off the shelf as fast as they once were, negative property news such as fears over Brexit are bringing down asking prices and putting in offers is now a new trend.

So what can you do that will not break the bank in order to help increase the chances your property will sell and that you can fight back against low offers? It is all about preparing your property for those all important viewers so to make the best impression – here are some easy to perform tips for selling your property faster:

Space, space, space. We are all guilty in one way or another, we simply never have enough space at home so we must think about decluttering when it comes to when we sell our property. It is advisable that during the time your home is on the market you should keep your property decluttered and even if that mean shopping some items out to the garage / friends / family / neighbours in order to make the space you are selling more obvious to the potential buyer. Mirrors on walls are also a great way to give the impression of greater space at your home.

DIY. Many homes will have the odd thing that is requiring the help of that handy person, nothing major and nothing the family tool box wouldn’t fix, we just have never gotten round to doing it. Now is the time you need to act, from broken door handles to missing tiles in the bathroom, in most occasions we simply just need an hour or so spare time and maybe a quick trip to the DIY store in order to take away these irritable eyesores. If you do not repair any issues yourselves then do not moan about the potential buyers knocking these costs off the offer price they make you!

Spring clean anytime. Is it time for a spring clean at your place? A top to bottom tidy up and clean from carpets to cleaning out the oven. All these things will help to make your property look clean, tidy, smell better and hold more value. Think also outside, if you have a garden/patio/balcony and the likes of de-weeding, keeping the grass cut, pruning and more.

Home staging. Take a look at each room and think about a fresh look for each, gather some ideas from the internet and try and apply them to your rooms. Ideas like fresh flowers, lighting fires if you have fireplaces, indoor plants, fresh cushions for chairs, extra lamps to combat dark areas and softer lamps for more relaxing rooms like bedrooms and the bathroom. Maybe you have some furniture that have seen better days?

Upgrading and painting. So you might get the overalls on for this part, but have you had a detailed look around your property and spotted any areas that need freshening up? Is paint flaking or worn away, could it do with a fresh coat to get such eyesores remedied? How about the likes of door furniture upgrades or taps / white goods / doors / kitchen units? Sometimes you have to invest in your property to secure the best price and especially if choice in the market increases and values continue to fall. Some people will look at conversions / extensions and similar investments in order to secure the extra value in their property.

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