Unexpected Things That Will Sell a House

We all know about painting the walls white and clearing out clutter, but some far more unexpected things can have a big impact on how easy it is to sell a house. Here are a few things you can recommend to your clients to help them sell their home more quickly and get a better offer.

1. Paint the front door black

The front door is likely to be the first thing a potential buyer notices and will set their first impression of the house, so it’s important it looks good. White, blue or varnished wood doors are all good choices, but according to research from US estate agents Zillow, homes with charcoal, smoky, or jet black doors sell for $6,271 more than expected.

2. Clean out cupboards

When preparing a house for viewings, it can be tempting for homeowners to stash their clutter out of sight in under stairs cupboards or closets, but prospective owners can’t resist opening up storage. Research from Vileda using eye tracking software showed that 80% of buyers looked in cupboards to see how big the storage space was. Spending time tidying up storage space is a better idea than cleaning the oven, as buyers hardly ever bother opening it up. If cloakrooms and wardrobes are cleared out to appear two-thirds full, it gives the illusion of ample storage.

3. Buy new towels

A trick favoured by home staging firms is to replace dingy old discoloured bath towels with new fluffy white ones, typically used in hotels or spas. This immediately makes a bathroom feel more luxurious and gives buyers a good impression, even if the bath suite could do with being replaced.

4. Wash the windows

According to a study conducted by Anglian Home Improvements, nearly a fifth of a house viewer’s time is spent looking out of windows, checking out the view and the neighbourhood. This means dirty windows are bound to be noticed and will give buyers a bad impression. Washing windows and removing any net curtains or blinds will also let in more light, making the space more appealing.

5. Descale the shower

This is something homeowners rarely think to do, but it’s an easy job that can make a big difference. Buyers often want to check the water pressure of the shower (no-one wants a feeble drizzle instead of a cascade). Removing any limescale that has built up in shower heads will help a shower flow freely.

6. Pick up the post

According to research by property website Rightmove, 29% of people viewing a house make the decision to buy before they get any further than the hallway. Making a hallway look inviting can give a house sale a head start. Post lying on the mat makes a home look abandoned and unloved, so ensure your sellers pick it up and put it away before viewings.

7. Keep the sign

It may seem counter-intuitive, but more sellers are choosing not to have ‘For Sale’ signs displayed outside their home. Many homeowners feel these signs are unsightly, encourage nosy neighbours to snoop around and could tip off burglars that the owners are frequently away from home. The truth is that signs are still an essential marketing tool; guiding viewers to the right house and attracting passers-by to view the property. According to the National Association of Realtors, 7% of owners bought their house because they saw a ‘For Sale’ sign – that’s 7% of potential buyers your clients won’t want to lose.

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