Useful tips for estate agents: take better property photographs.

Most real estate agents underestimate the importance of the good picture. Even the most beautiful real estate property might look bad when it is captured with a camera improperly. It is not necessary for you to be a professional in order to make a good picture. All you need is a little training, the best professional equipment you can afford, along with some advice and you will be able to make the best real estate property photographs. This will certainly make your clients happy and will demonstrate that you are a serious agent who pays attention even to the smallest details.

Before you can take a good picture of the house, apartment or other real estate property which you as an agent have to sell, you have to make sure that the place is absolutely flawless. Even the smallest imperfection can be captured on a photograph and this is exactly what you are trying to avoid. For the good looks of every internal and external place of the real estate property, you can hire professional cleaners. Most cleaning companies such as TenancyClean London offer excellent and really affordable cleaning services which will solve all of your problems. It will be better to book professional services because the specialist will know what products to use to remove all grime and imperfections from the rooms of the property. A thorough cleaning like this will really freshen up the place and will make your job easier.

When you are done with the specific preparations around the house or the flat for sale, you can move on to the taking of the pictures. There are many tricks but as a person who is not a professional photographer, you can focus on some particular ones which will be very helpful in your case.

  • Always use professional equipment – It is true that the professional cameras and everything else that comes as additional equipment are usually very expensive. However, you can look for a camera in your price range and purchase it. You might think of this as an unnecessary investment at the moment but after you take your first beautiful pictures of a real estate property, you will realise that you made the right decision. In case you don’t know much about the different kinds of professional cameras and their specifics, you can consult with someone who is can give you further information.
  • Notice the details – When you are taking a picture of an internal room you may think that everything is perfect. Sometimes, however, the smallest details which are not in the right place can ruin your pictures. When you look around in the room, it is possible not to see them but through the viewfounder, you will be able to notice them for sure. To make sure you don’t miss something, look not just in the middle but also around the edges.
  • Keep your distance – This rule applies to the situations when you have to photograph a modern real estate property with a low pitch roof. Make sure that you are as far as possible because this will give you a better view of the entire place and on the picture the roof won’t look too flat. Look for a good angle and if it’s necessary, change your position a couple of times until you find the perfect one.
  • Look for inspiration – It might be hard to find your inner inspiration when you are photographing real estate properties, instead of something more interesting and that is normal. However, if you want to please your clients, you will have to try your best. Even though the first attempts might not be successful, don’t give up but try as many times as you can until you receive the desired result.


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