Want To Raise The Value Of Your Home? Focus On The Garden

When you are thinking about selling your home, you might want to consider making a few upgrades in order to make the most of the sale. Many people remodel their kitchen and even add an extension, but the truth is, in today’s real estate industry, your garden is the golden ticket for a high sale price.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people used their garden as their only form of respite. Spending time outside is great for your mind and body, so when you can’t go anywhere, it’s your ticket to a little slice of freedom.

Although the worst is over regarding the pandemic, many people still have lockdown on the brain. When shopping for a new home, buyers are considering the fact that other lockdowns could be imminent, and are prioritising gardens and yards as a result.

If you want to improve your garden before selling your home, here are some great ideas for making it happen!

Invest in a Garden Room

Garden rooms are becoming highly popular for modern families, because they essentially add an extension to your home, without the cost of an actual extension. Garden rooms can contain relaxation features, such as a bedroom – you can even get a hot tub garden room if you want a touch of luxury! – or something more practical, such as a home office or home gym.

A garden room gives space and privacy away from the unit of the family home, which is perfect both for professional and personal reasons. A buyer will be highly intrigued by a garden room that adds class, elegance and practicality to your home.

Prioritise Practicality and Space

When it comes to a garden, people want space and practicality, not hassle and a huge workload. By creating an easygoing, practical and simple garden space – a simple lawn, some flower beds and perhaps a deck or patio too – will establish a welcoming and calming garden space for a potential buyer.

One way in which you can prioritise practicality and space is to clear out any debris, have a visit from a professional gardener, and leave it at that. This is a very simple and cost-effective investment to make, but can make a huge difference to your garden and the impression it makes on potential buyers.

It’s The Little Things…

Although significant investments are great if you want to see significant returns, even little adjustments can be hugely beneficial to a home. Little differences such as pressure jetting your decking or patio to remove mould and dirt; raking gravel to make it smooth before viewers arrive; or planting new flower beds to brighten up the place can transform your garden into a haven. Buyers will be impressed by its beauty and tidiness, even subconsciously!

Final thoughts…

If you are looking to sell your home this year or next, make sure to spruce up your garden with some positive changes before you do. Gardens can increase your home’s value and make it a memorable place that potential buyers will love.


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