Ways to get better results from online marketing for Estate Agents

A lot of estate agency marketing evolves around promotion of property and this usually involves getting your listings presented on and looking good on the major property portals.

Even back in 2013 it was said that 95% of property searches start online.

Outside of pushing your property portfolio you need to look at pushing your actual estate agency by making sure it gets found online from social media to Google.

Estate Agency is a business that involves sales which require prior decision making to happen before a purchase is made, ie many questions need to be asked before an offer is made and this continues all the way through the purchasing process – Unlike selling, for instance, ink cartridges where the client is likely to know the printer and code and merely compares prices online before making a quick confident purchase.

A great way in which to target potential new leads for your business is to make sure that your agency is found online when it comes to what clients are likely to be asking prior to looking for property. What valuable questions can you look at ask and also answer that your potential clients will likely be thinking, ie ‘The best roads to live on in Colchester, Essex‘ or ‘Travel links to London from Colchester and costings‘ etc. The best way to present these kind of questions and answers are within articles / blogs that should be detailed enough to answer your clients questions in full with relevant links.

You should also look to concentrate on the areas of your Estate Agency business that solves problems that your clients are likely to have. By turning your thought process over to how your clients are approaching things will help you to suddenly open your doors to more leads. Questions likely to be asked that you can answer (keeping things local is always best with keywords so you attract target leads over general leads) include ‘What are the local neighbourhoods like in Colchester?‘ or ‘Where are all the main schools located in Colchester‘ and also general questions such as ‘What is an Energy Performance Certificate and how to understand them‘.

Look at guiding people online by sharing what if stories so as to, in a subtle way, make them see the value of your service over lesser standard services or them simply going it alone. This should be in a way that scares people to imagine themselves in such a horror situation that they will likely prefer to trust your services and pay for them. Examples could include ‘What could go wrong if your viewings are not done by a professional Estate Agent‘ or ‘Costly mistakes to make when trying to sell your property yourself‘.

There are many review websites out there for Estate Agents to use thus enabling them to be found online by future clients based on their scoring. Many people do look online to see how Estate Agents rate against each other and though many reviews may not be genuine, it still does play a big part in decision making for many people. Try and share online your own real case reviews such as ‘Couple found dream home in Colchester below market value‘ or ‘We sold our flat within 1 hour in Colchester thanks to our local Estate Agent‘.

Show to people that you care about them by answering their questions will go along way to improve your prospects of gaining new business over you simply telling everyone what services your Estate Agency offers.



Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn. Writes about UK property prices, housing and affordable homes.

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