What networking means for estate agents in 2021

Estate Agents should not all look the same

It’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway through the year.

And though it began with a rocky start, it appears we’re entering a brave new era for all of us.

Like any other industry, estate agents face major challenges in the future, as well as major opportunities for growth. And though there are many ingredients in the recipe for success, networking can provide a significant boost for any business when it comes to expanding your clientele and connecting with other industry professionals to benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

This article explores just a few of the most common networking methods and how they can help estate agencies hit their targets and smash the second half of 2021.

Local Presence

If you’re a local agency, it’s important to have a public presence in the community – after all, the vast majority of your clients are likely to be buyers and sellers living in the area, and recognition is a huge selling point.

The more gardens you can plant your sign in, the more identifiable your agency’s name and branding will become – that goes without saying. But there are many other ways to build up local recognition whilst beating the competition, too.

Get involved in local community causes, such as charity events and fundraisers. Not only will this raise your profile, but it also tells potential and future clients that you’re not just here to sell homes – you are a pillar of the community and invested in its development.

Business Hubs

As the UK’s business ownership population grows, so too does the demand for business hubs.

These are centres for collaboration and creativity which host meeting and events spaces for businesses and provide valuable resources for research and development.

3M Business Innovation Centre are one such example of a thriving hub. Situated close to and working with the University of Huddersfield, they offer their services to a range of businesses and industries, allowing professionals to connect and share their experience to stimulate growth across industries.

For an estate agency, this can be highly valuable. Any networking venture is a chance to meet new potential clients, but by learning from others within the same and similar industries, you’ll learn from others’ insights and discover new opportunities you may not otherwise have considered.

Social Media

Although it’s gaining popularity as a marketing form, social media is a tool that companies in certain sectors tend to shy away from. And when it comes to missing out on this incredible opportunity, estate agencies are amongst the worst culprits.

Social media is a chance to interact with and get to know your clients. It’s a platform to advertise your services and share your successes, as well as boosting your overall business visibility.

There are many ways to use social media as an estate agency – choosing the right platforms is key to maximising your reach online, and as you gain more experience in the digital world you’ll become more attuned to the types of content your clients are looking for.

This is just a brief insight into the best networking methods for estate agents in 2021.

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