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What’s more stressful than your day job?

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by all the things involved in running your home then looking at the latest research done by Hoppy, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, some of us (36%) find running a home more stressful than our daily jobs. Over 40% of those polled said they viewed chores like a second job, with 75% reporting unhappiness in their home environment. Top of the list of concerns are an untidy home, lack of storage space, and affording the bills. Couples struggle to divide the housework equally with men reportedly spending 37.7 hours per month on chores and women over 47; a few men even admitted to spending extra time in the office to avoid chores. This unequal split was often cited as a sore spot and cause for arguments between couples, but there’s a way to alleviate the stress. It’s important to set realistic expectation that both people agree on, divide and conquer chores together, and finally, let tech ease the load. Check out Hoppy’s infographic to learn more and make your life at home less stressful.

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