When Real Estate Gets Real Emotional.

The Story of Michael Jackson's Neverland

As we all know, Michael Jackson’s former Neverland Ranch has recently and indeed very publicly, been listed for sale and despite reverting back to its original name, for millions and millions of people around the world it will always be the home of the King of Pop.

Remove the controversy surrounding MJ and what we’re essentially dealing with is a very emotionally charged piece of luxury real estate akin to Elvis Presley’s Graceland. And well, that’s got me thinking.

How do you handle being the new owner of one of the most famous homes on the planet? Can you have a normal, private life or will your house forever be a tourist attraction for die hard fans whether you encourage it or not? Will there be public outrage if you dare to transform the property in anyway? Or does the world just move on and wait for the next one?

The famous floral clock display at the Neverland Ranch train station.

How do you handle being the new owner of one of the most famous homes on the planet?

Of course there’s also the selling agent to consider and in the case of Neverland, it’s jointly represented on Homeadverts.com by real estate hall of famers Suzanne Perkins and Harry Kolb from Sotheby’s International Realty – Montecito Brokerage (US). Certainly no strangers to high profile homes as Suzanne Perkins is also representing Jeff Bridges’ Stunning Mansion In Beautiful Montecito

I’m genuinely interested in people’s thoughts, opinions and experiences in buying or selling a celebrity home, it’s fascinating stuff when you go deeper than face value.

As someone who gets to write the featured home presentations on Homeadverts.com I have to say Michael Jackson’s has been one of my absolute favourites to write and represents exactly what I mean by the emotional side of real estate.

Take a look here:

The Story of Michael Jackson’s Neverland.


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