Where to Hide Cash at Home

where to hide cash at home

I’m sure that many of us will have at least a few spare notes of cash at home that either rest in our purses / wallets or in a draw somewhere. Though governments globally would seem to have an agenda to go cashless, we still rely heavily on notes and coins from paying at garage sales / boot sales to sticking that tenner in to a birthday card.

Progress with bank cards mean that we can carry less cash and with the invention and popularity of contactless payments then it is more easier than ever to purchase our goods.

Many of us still prefer cash and for many reasons might find ourselves with above the average amount floating about our property. From cash recently taken out of the bank to pay for goods to holding on to the takings from those with small businesses and dare I say, even cash we want to keep on the quiet, we can find ourselves with hundreds if not thousands of £’s.

So, where are the best places around your home to hide cash where it will remain out of view if ever we suffer from theft. We must remember that hiding cash should be a 24/7 practice as burglaries do not only happen randomly, sometimes those invited in to our homes can purposely or accidently pass on information to others if large amounts of cash is spotted.

Here are some great hiding places to consider:

(I just wish to start with three examples that I have witnessed that I hear are fairly popular options)

  • Dig a hole in the garden: Yes, this works and is a relatively great option so long as you are not spotted doing so. Make sure that you place the cash in a water proof container / bag and that you make a neat job of digging the hole and replacing the soil / turf above. Stick to your land only and well within your boundaries.
  • Behind radiators: Rolls of cash behind radiators I have seen many times. Though, if it is a highly popular a place and your property has just a few radiators then maybe you will need to reconsider this option.
  • Fake cans / tins of food / drinks: Placed in a cupboard with countless others, this offers a great camouflage and deceives many a thief. Relatively a cheap option with these items being almost indistinguishable from the real ones!

More options on where to hide cash at home:

  • Bookshelves / books: It is a fairly commonly seen option for hiding cash, especially in movies, where cash is placed within a fake book, a self made hollowed out book or even in the pages of a real book.
  • Freezer / fridge: Another place where it is unlikely a burglar will be nosing about, in amongst your weekly groceries and your frozen chips and peas!
  • Toilet tank: Once again you will be required to safely seal the cash in a bag / box, but here is another popular place cash can be hidden.
  • Cat litter trays: Yes, not overly hygienic and might land you with a cross cat, but the litter tray is a place used to hide cash.
  • Old clothes / shoes: If you have plenty of clothes around the house including shoes then what about adding some cash there?

Other locations include: Fish tanks, chimneys, plug sockets, plant pots, curtain polls, under floorboards, loft area, garage, children’s toys, mattress / pillows.


Important: You need to remember where you have hidden your cash! Also, it might be worthwhile letting a very close family member / friend that you have hidden some cash in case anything happens to you. Think about writing a note explaining where cash has been hidden for your sake and for others.

Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking. Internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Social Media. Writes about UK property prices, housing, politics and affordable homes.

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