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Which Knockers are the Best?

Front doors ladies and gentlemen if you please! If you prefer that hearty knock on the door over the ringing of the doorbell – Door knockers!

So I visited a property the other day during our hunt for a new home and what caught my eye was the front door and especially the knocker which was an big old cast iron, chunky and heavy type, in the shape of an elephant head with the trunk being the knocker element. Quite an eye catching piece of door furniture set at eye level and worthy of a mention to the home owners as we walked in.

Front doors we all know are important for kerb appeal and many interior designer will put a lot of importance to a home having the best possible style of door and colour – ‘Greys, blacks, dark blues and sage greens are all really good choices, creating an impression of class and sophistication and giving an immediate aspirational feel as soon as you walk towards the property.‘  Daily Mail.

There are of course many types of front door made from many materials, some internal (ie apartments) and others exterior doubles and the style of property will also have a say whether you should be opting for a stand out or more subtle knocker for you door. Though not necessarily going to be the selling point of your property, it can add that fraction of a positive vibe when people enter your property for a viewing.

Here are some great examples that are available just in case you fancy a change – The best door knockers for your home when selling:

Here is a safe bet if you want something shinning and pleasing, though not too in your face. It is available from John Lewis store at just £33 for the ‘ring door knocker’. Photo credit and purchase link here.

A lovely pine cone knocker here made of solid brass and available at only £30. Photo credit and link to purchase here.

A traditional Georgian solid brass lion door knocker at just £39. Pleasing and easy in design. Photo credit and purchase link here.

Fox knocker comes from a traditional design and yet it’s still perfect for up to date modern lifestyles. The design dates back to 1876! Photo credit and purchase link here.

A little bit painful looking and a bring a tear to your eye option here with the full monty knocker available at £71.99. Photo credit and purchase link here.


Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn. Writes about UK property prices, housing and affordable homes.

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