Why buy-to-let is still worth it

Buy-to-let can be a great way to make use of property you can’t or don’t want to live in. It’s also a great way to make money without having to do a whole lot of work. Despite what you may have read about tax relief and proposed changes to the system, BTL is still a great bet.

If you’re interested in:

*Earning a passive income

*Building a retirement income

*Location independence

*Accumulating wealth at a relatively low risk

This is where to start.

How does buy-to-let work?

BTL is essentially the means by which you profit from property ownership. Not only does your property (the asset) accumulate in value while you own it (profit), your rental income provides immediate profit and cashflow, making BTL investing one of the lowest risk enterprises around.

If you want to invest in a BTL property you’ll need a buy-to-let mortgage. You’ll be able to start renting the property out immediately, and your tenants’ rent will cover the cost of the monthly mortgage repayments. The rest, when you deduct maintenance costs and taxes, is profit.

How can I get into buy-to-let property?

Buy-to-let is changeable and can be complex, but with the right information you could significantly supplement your income.

Download our exclusive e-book here to find out how to secure a buy-to-let mortgage, manage your property, and make a profit after taxes and expenses.

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