Why flyers have so much to offer real estate agencies and their marketing

In a world where digital marketing is becoming more and more prevalent, real estate agencies have an onus to try and find other lesser used methods of communicating to their customers. One such method is through the use of flyers. Flyers have somewhat fallen out of favour in the last couple of decades as technology has made all marketing drives have a digital element, however, they remain as effective today as they ever were.

Here’s why business flyers are so effective, and why you should be using them to promote your estate agency.

They’re effective

The simple fact about flyers is that it’s relatively easy to get your message to a large number of people. Think of the average amount of people who pass a well-placed flyer every day, then imagine how much you would need to spend in order to get that kind of reach through larger scale marketing. Flyers are a simple and efficient way of communicating anything from special offers or invitations to sell or browse available property. Making the effort to ensure the message is concise is the secret to making an already effective flyer even more useful.

They’re affordable

Flyers are one of the cheapest forms of marketing available to real estate agencies, and this saving is amplified even further when one considers how cheap it is to print online. A batch of flyers can be designed and printed for relatively little money, which means they’re an accessible form of marketing even for smaller estate agencies where the marketing budget is considerably tighter. This affordability becomes even more pronounced when ordering in bulk, where the larger the amount of flyers you order the better value for money they are. If you consider that the more flyers you order, the broader your reach will be, it becomes even more attractive as a proposition.

They’re versatile

The flyer can be used for anything you want it to be used for. This means that you can use flyers for all sorts of different marketing promotions and public service announcements without worrying about high levels of investment being necessary. It’s rare that a real estate agency keeps a marketing drive looking the same throughout, but using flyers means it’s easy to update information and develop your colour schemes/branding as time goes on. This allows you to learn what is effective and what is not, and fine-tune your marketing on an ongoing basis. Very few marketing methods offer real estate professionals that much granular control.

Start investing today

Flyers have a lot to offer businesses prepared to step off the beaten path of digital-exclusive marketing. There are a large number of people growing rapidly desensitised to digital promotions, meaning real estate agencies are going to have to think about the most effective offline methods to capture that attention.

The use of flyers is one such method, and a highly effective, affordable, and versatile one at that. With online printing being so affordable, there’s no excuse not to try it for yourself.

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