Why you need a lawyer to fight harassment

Gone are the days when people suffered and receded into silence. The modern world acknowledges that speaking up about injustice, especially as severe as sexual harassment to one’s person, is more a duty now than a right. It is quite common for the victim to suffer more consequences of such actions than the harasser, which is troublesome in times like today. “We are facing an uncertain future. We do not know how long it will take to eradicate coronavirus and return to normal. People and businesses who lost their income during the pandemic need help to survive. Now more than ever, politicians must work together to create a corona aid relief bill to ease the financial suffering of their people,” says Brad Nakase, who is one of the best sexual harassment lawyers in California and awarded the prestigious “American Institute of Trial Lawyer’s 2020 Litigator of the Year.”

The first step in successfully reporting sexual harassment is finding a good sexual harassment lawyer. Nakase is there to make sure you are working with attorneys who understand the gravity of the situation and do their best to alleviate the distress.

The sure way to get justice:
Many move towards filing reports of harassment without a specialized lawyer. This can be harmful to the victim. The legal process is complex, and it is often manipulated by those at fault to favor themselves. Approaching such a case without a lawyer leaves you blindsided. Appointing a lawyer as your legal representative is the sure way to get justice.

The complications of a harassment suit:
Sexual harassment is quite trivial to categorize. The boundary between what constitutes harassment and what does not is often affected by what will be perceived as harassment and what will not. These differences are hard for the layman to navigate. That is when the professional comes in.

A specialized lawyer will help you file the complaint against the harasser but also prepare for the measures that have to be taken next. For instance, how you present yourself in front of a jury, what impacts the credibility of your story etc. are factors that play a major part in a verdict. Moreover, the defendant will almost always try to intimidate the victim. In many cases of workplace harassment, the employer might try to retaliate by relieving the employee from the office. This practice is illegal by law, but it can be used by those in positions of power against workers filing cases independently to prevent them from going forward with their claim. An experienced lawyer will help you mitigate these attacks and make sure you achieve justice no matter what.

No need to fear a big fee:
Nakase does not burden you with a massive monetary deposit. The most you will have to pay for is printing fees for documents or court fees. Your lawyer might receive compensation from the defendant or a small portion of the winnings. This means many people who did not come forward with their claims due to fear of not being able to pay expensive lawyers to carry out the proceedings can now rest their cases in the hands of trusted attorneys.

Fight back today:
If you have been subjected to sexual abuse, don’t back down, don’t let the perpetrator escape. Speak up today with someone who will give your case the same amount of importance as you. Win your fight for justice before it’s too late.

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