Will Santa be visiting you this Christmas?

Will Santa be visiting you this Christmas

With huge swathes of the UK effectively in lockdown, and despite smiling, friendly bobbies helping London exit at the packed railway termini, Christmas is not its usual self.

With whispers of food shortages, a knife-edge hard Brexit, and the new strain of Covid-19 to contend with, my thoughts turn to what is Santa, if Lapland is not Tier-4, going to bring those of us in the property ‘bubble’ for Christmas?

My hope is he brings a level of normalcy to the 2021 housing market, but I think that chief Elf Rishi has set a ticking time bomb – due to go off in late March. Add to this other stocking fillers like the changes to Help to Buy, more taxation for BTL landlords on the Christmas cards, and it is definitely not a picture of good will to all men.

Traditionally Santa brings me some new tech gadget, that sits in its wrapping until mid-January where having retrieved it from the back of the sofa, I see what it is all about. My advice to those readers who have the same unengaged outlook regarding tech in their own business, is that perhaps getting ahead of the curve and planning how to do the day job more digitally, in 2021 is a good thing.

On a separate topic, for many business owners in the property or real estate sector – a week or so with the family is the usual Christmas break. 2020 changed this with protracted periods of lockdown, giving many families more family time than ever before, especially if mum and dad are working at two desks somewhere in the home. And this looks like a trend that may endure.

From my viewpoint Santa’s best gift would be – the gift to understand that everyone is just a little bit more unsure about the future, worried about loved ones and is having a lot of head space taken up worrying about 2021, and the uncertainty it brings.

I am quite punchy and directional when I write I have a viewpoint and I put it out there, obviously it is not always right, but it is the debate that I feel is essential.

On a personal level though I genuinely do feel from first-hand experience that everyone could do with a Santa Christmas hug, and maybe due to social distancing, Santa in a medically approved outfit is just the person to add some Christmas sparkle that might not evaporate on the 1st of January, if everyone looks out for everyone else.

Merry Christmas one and all – I look forward to seeing you all safe, happy, and well fed in the new Year.

If you have a view – please let us all know by emailing me at [email protected] – Andrew Stanton Executive Editor – moving property and proptech forward.

Andrew Stanton

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