14 Ways Estate Agents can Use Periscope And Meerkat Live Streaming.

The backdrop

Video Live Streaming has evolved with the release of  Meerkat and Periscope apps.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about read this article to the end.

Essentially these are apps that you can download for free to  your smart phone, and live stream in real time and connect with people who may be interested in the content you’re broadcasting.

Literally in seconds people from across the Globe can tune in to listen to what you have to say.

The uses for this kind of live streaming is endless.

(especially for agents, you’ll learn some cool ways to benefit from using live video in a short while, providing you’re not camera shy)

I guess that’s why Twitter have been aggressively acquiring video based  technology companies in the past 18 months, including Vine Snappy  TV and Periscope.

In January 2015 they forked out  $100 million dollars  for Periscope, then launched the app end of march, a few weeks after Meerkat’s soft launch.

Currently I’m testing both apps as they have similar functionality; however both have noteworthy unique features that are equally useful.

Here’s the head to head unique features comparisons;

Meerkat unique features

1 Meerkat allows you to schedule streams with customised background which  can help  with branding  exposure

2 During live streams you can scroll back through comments easily and address questions

3 Options for comments to show up in twitter feeds  whilst streaming

5 You can schedule and view a stream inside of Facebook.

6 If you’re promoting a product or service, you can add a URL to direct viewers to a specific webpage at the end of the broadcast.

Periscope unique features

1 The 24 hour replay functionality allows people who were not available at the time of your broadcast to watch replay.

2 Within Periscope you have the ability to do private broadcast, which can have its uses.

3 The map functionality allows you  to quickly scan were scopes are taking place across the world in real time  and join the stream conversation.

4 You can save broadcast to your phone,  iPhone (not sure about  Android) so you can re-purpose the video content, maybe upload to YouTube.

5 The Share function within Periscope now allows your follows to share the link after the broadcast in emails, texts or on other social media platforms.

I imagine future updates of these apps will lead to greater functionality and more opportunities

Here’s The big reason why agents should be using live streaming.


As  many agents are aware the public perception of estate agents  car salesman and pretty much  any sales professional is  low .

But using a tool like live streaming can really go a long way in helping  the  ingrained perceived  perception of estate agents evaporate like an ice cube on scorching red hot  day.

Early Adopters will win big if you are consistent in publishing engaging useful content that will be seen by potential  audience .

14 ways To Use live streaming right now

1 Virtual Tours of properties you have on the market this has been adopted by a number of agents

If you’re on periscope you should post  replay to relevant social media profiles.

2 You can do a Q& A STREAM, which address concerns or questions about your local market

3 Area Tours Just like an open top bus tour of London demonstrating your knowledge of amenities and local Property values etc

4 Behind the scenes streams  of  your agency.

5 real time endorsements or testimonials from vendors landlords.

6 Feature community  events of  the local  area.

7 LIVE STREAM Inventory checks ins (using  private live stream broadcast)

8 Live stream check outs for landlords.

9 Day in the lives of a team member.

10 Property stock round Up Stream.

11 Virtual staff meetings for agents with multiple offices.

12 Virtual viewing for tenants who may be relocating form one city to another, e.g. student lets.

13 Pre-recorded Lettings Tour for tenants that can’t make specific time of a  viewings.

14 Maintenance repair stream to show landlord what work needs to be carried out at there property.

That’s  just a handful of applications of  general use, but as specific marketing, branding and selling aids there’s another dozen or so ideas I’m currently sharing with consulting clients.

Thanks for reading and have a great day in the property trenches.

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