£2.2 million investment in to GetAgent

The estate agency comparison concept that is GetAgent has recently raised a sum of £2.2 million from a selection of investors to include Christian Woolfended (PhotoBox). GetAgent are said to be receiving 10,000 enquiries a month via their platform, 50,000 home sellers Helped and over 5,000 agents registered to their service.

GetAgent.co.uk (currently they do not own the .com domain) state their service as:

One of the major issues with property is lack of transparency. Most Estate Agents look and sound the same. Homeowners don’t know which one will do a good job. So we set out to create a transparent way to help owners find the best agent for them.

Helping consumers to discover and chose estate agents relevant to their requirements and performance – Facts such as what the estate agency achieves is speed of sale, sale price to valuation and more are compared.

Colby Short, CEO of GetAgent, was quoted as saying: “Whilst we remain ‘agent agnostic’, it is clear that the house selling public hugely favours the local, branch-based business that they know and trust and that is nearby enough to be accountable.

Our approach is to shine a light on all agents regardless and to ensure that we assist in helping the consumer make an informed decision when choosing someone to oversee the sale of their most valuable asset.

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