Houseviz reveals new DIY photo retouching service with prices from just 1p

One-stop-shop property marketing company Houseviz has launched a ground-breaking new DIY photo enhancing app to the UK market. Designed to be used by estate and letting agents, the ‘HouseWiz’ tool offers instant quality photo retouching from just 1p per image.

The tool can be used by agents to make their property images brighter, sharper and more vibrant in seconds. Crucially, the app is easy to use with no training or expertise needed.

Commenting on the launch of the HouseWiz photo enhancing app, Houseviz director, Amanda Lindsay said: “It can take seconds for prospective buyers to make up their minds about a home. First impressions count, and in our digital age, this requires exceptional photographs. With HouseWiz, agents can make the most of their number one selling tool.

With HouseWiz, agents can retouch up to 2,000 images a month for just £20pm. That’s a cost of just 1p per photo. Alternatively, they can retouch up to 500 images a month for just £10pm (2p per photo).

Amanda continued: “It’s vital that agents reduce the cost per listing. However, at the same time, standards must be upheld. We regularly come across dire photographs on portals, and this does no justice to the property or the agent selling it. As such, we would encourage all agents to think hard about the images they use and what it says to sellers about their business.

Even where an effort has been made to improve an image, it’s all too easy for potential buyers to spot sub-standard photo retouching or editing that has been done with free software. So, any agent that cares about their reputation, and wants to gain new listings, must apply more attention to the images they publish in their name.

Of course, it’s hard to blame estate agents for not doing more to enhance their listings. Today, these local property experts are expected to draw floor plans, take photographs, carry out viewings and write property descriptions. And all of this takes valuable time out of their day while what they should be doing is what they are best at – gaining instructions and selling properties.

Because it is quick and easy to use, HouseWiz helps to remove the burden; making it easy to maintain agency standards while keeping costs low.

To find out more about HouseWiz, please contact Amanda Lindsay at [email protected]

In addition to its DIY photo retouching service, Houseviz also offers a professional photo editing service with a set price of just £2 per photo – regardless of what has to be done. Presenting properties to their best effect and maximising the chances of a quick sale, this service includes things like removing imperfections like cars, clutter, other agents’ for sale boards, making rooms brighter and more appealing and adding blue sky or even changing a daytime photo to a dusk scene.

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