7 Movie Homes that are real and viewable on Google Maps

Movie homes

As many of us will get even more of a chance to sit around and enjoy some good old movies on the television over Christmas, I thought it would be interesting to find out more about the famous homes that some took place in. Our choice of movies thanks to the likes of Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney Movie Channel means that at just a click away via our finger tips are movies from all eras of which many will feature a memorable home or two.

Wouldn’t we all love to live in the home that feature in our favourite movie? Though for some it offers a revenue stream, others it is a nuisance that draws in unwanted attention and many times annoying trespassers looking to grab photos and more.

Many of the homes internal shots would be at the film studio and it is usually only the external shots used – The real insides are sometimes very different what is depicted in the movie! We also find that some of the homes were created just for the movie so no longer alive!

Nonetheless, ‘movie homes’ are icon locations for many and here are the Google Street Map address of 7 famous examples – I am sure some of these will be watched over Christmas:



Harry Potter:


Groundhog Day!:


Home Alone:


Mrs Doubtfire:


Breakfast at Tiffany’s:


Father of the Bride:


Or try out Chad Kimball google maps.

Title image credit: Pixabay

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