Michael Jackon’s Neverland Ranch sells for $22 Million

Neverland Ranch sells for 22 Million

With millions of fans worldwide and a good few doubters also, but without question memorable music that is played over and over again – Michael Jackon’s Neverland Ranch, once priced at $100 million recently sold for $22 million.

A friend of and previous business associate is the person who has purchased this famous property and Michael Jackson fans globally await to see what he decides to do with it, many are hoping the property will be opened up for visitors. Ron Burkle is the one who’s name now is on the deeds, a billionaire businessman of 68 years of age and once ranked 633 on Forbes’ list of “The Richest People on The Planet 2014”.

Located in Calfiornia, near to Santa Barbara, the 2,700 acre estate is in a fairly remote location, it is listed as being ‘closed’ on Google Maps – Location of Neverland Ranch (as close as you can get with street view) can be viewed here.

The estate includes sports courts / fields, train rides, mansion, guest houses, movie theatre and so much more – As many people know it to be, it is a child’s wonderland.

Title image via Pixabay.


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