9 Garage Upgrades That Increase Your Home’s Value

When you hear the word garage, what comes into your mind? Have you thought of a car, too? Well, that’s given. Many people tend to associate the garage with a space to store your car, but unknowingly, there are other things you can do within your garage area. Here’s a quick fact: upgrading your garage can increase your home’s value. If you are wondering why and how this can be possible, check out this article.

Upgrade it into a smart storage strategy

It is fair to make your garage a storage area. However, it does not always give an excellent impression to buyers. It makes them think that your house is too small. That is why if you think your garage is the only available space to store all the unnecessary stuff, try using a smart strategy when keeping all the things you do not need. For example, use heavy-duty plastic bins of the same size, label, and place them neatly on the garage’s extra space.

Add a walk-through door

If you have a detached garage, try installing a walk-through door. Doing this allows you to come in and out of the garage without the need to open and close the primary garage door every time.

Insulate and vent the space

If you have an attached garage, make sure you insulate its walls and ceilings. This adds value to the home, knowing that your car and other belongings are safe inside the space even during extreme hot or cold weather. This includes insulating the door by adding weather stripping on the bottom and sides to reduce drafts.

Install a functional door

When it comes to buying homes these days, having automated or smart home functions has leverage over others. This means your old, wooden garage door won’t impress much of the buyers. Hence, you can install a garage door that opens automatically or change the old door with a lightweight aluminum one. Doing this will surely add more value to your home.

Install adequate lighting

Make use of motion-sensitive lights. This kind of light is energy efficient, automated, and needs less maintenance. Moreover, if you think there are not enough lights, add one. A dark garage is not only unappealing to buyers but also unsafe at the same time.

Use an easy-to-clean flooring

If you are always in a hurry and have no maid to clean the garage for you, it is best to paint it with epoxy, so it is easy to clean.

Add more electrical outlets

A functional garage should have more electrical outlets available, especially on the walls.
Ensure they are all waterproof since your garage is a space that can be exposed to rain at times.

Clean the outside

Of course, you need to keep your home clean inside and outside. This includes your garage space. Buyers can see your outside area right away, so it pays that you leave a good first impression on them. It is like when a photographer is about to take your home photos. You need a real estate editor near you that can help you capture and edit the best exterior images of your home. Although not all may focus on the garage, it can concentrate on some buyers, so make sure they won’t be disappointed.

Make it a car space (as much as possible)

Keep the space primarily as a place to store your car. If possible, avoid transforming it into another space like a painting studio or a craft room. But there is an exception; you can have a living space built above the garage. This will add to the value of your home, especially if it has a kitchen and bathroom.

So, what do you think? Are you up to revamping your garage for an improved buyer impression and increased home value? It is up to you! Just remember that all of these are suggestions only; no one is pushing you to do so.

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