Actionable Steps To Live Mortgage-Free

With many people amassing high balances on loans and credit cards, obtaining creative and clever solutions to pay off debt is paramount. Are you fed up with paying off your mortgage? Well, you are not alone.

A massive home loan payment can be a great drain or void on your budget, particularly if your take-home-pay covers at least 30% of your mortgage. Also, it can keep you from attaining other financial goals, like establishing an investment portfolio.

If you want to say goodbye to your home loan and live mortgage-free, here are some effective ways to repay your mortgage early.

Make Additional Payment

An excellent way to clear off your home loan early is to make an extra payment each year. It can be an extra one or two month’s payment, depending on what you can afford. Moreover, it will undoubtedly aid you in paying off your mortgage quicker.

Plus, it is unlikely that you will not miss that additional payment. Consider scheduling or fixing a time for that extra payment when you do not have any huge expenses, such as a home renovation or summer vacations.

On your end, this approach will need further discipline because you will need to save money for that payment. You might ask yourself, “how can I possibly save for that additional payment?” Well, consider automatically sending or moving a small amount every month into a sub-savings account. So that you won’t be confused, label it as an extra home loan payment.


Refinancing is yet another excellent approach to repay your mortgage faster. When you decide to refinance your loan, you will get a better interest rate. It’s a guarantee! And once you get a better interest rate, you can save lots of money in the life of the mortgage.

What’s more, your monthly payments will be cut back if you can pay less interest rate. Thus, allowing you to save or invest money toward the loan’s principal. However, you will need an excellent credit score to refinance. So that you can make a well-informed decision, reach out to any mortgage brokerage firm such as

Round-Up Your Balance

Home loan payments are odd numbers, such as $1597.01. That said, why not round your balance up to $1600 or even greater than that. For sure, you won’t miss that extra 3 dollars. However, you will bring down years off your outstanding balance.

Here’s a reminder: Talk with your lender to ensure that the extra 3 dollars will apply to your principal, not on the next payment or the interest.

Opt For A 15-Year Home Loan

Home loans typically last up to 30 years. However, you can get a 15-year mortgage instead. Although your monthly payments will be relatively higher, your interest will be lower. Provided that you can secure the higher monthly payment, you can save money because you will pay lower interest rates for the short-term.

But if you do not want to have the obligation or duty of a high monthly payment, don’t worry. You can opt for a 30-year home loan and just make large extra monthly payments on it. Perhaps, you can act as if you had obtained a 15-year home loan. Sure, the interest rate will be quite higher. However, you will have more resilience and freedom in your payment commitments.

Use “Surprise” Money To Pay Off Your Mortgage

Have you ever accepted unexpected money like an inheritance, tax refund, commission, or a bonus? Of course, you did not anticipate this money. Thus, you live without it. To put it simply, you don’t need this “surprise” money.

Sure, you might be sweet-talked to splurge all this money on unnecessary expenses like a nice handbag, a new grill, or dining out. Rather, why don’t you use it to pay off your home loan? It would literally help you take down years off your mortgage.

Benefits Of Repaying Your Home Loan Early

When you pay off your mortgage early, you can tackle your other debts. Without the worry of a home loan to repay each month, you have more financial breathing room. What’s more, repaying a home loan cuts down the cost of interest.

Thus, paying your mortgage quicker can help you save more money because of the additional cost of interest. Also, it could protect you from an unstable housing market. Lastly, you will have the financial flexibility to deal with other ventures.


For many homeowners, clearing off a mortgage or home loan is a dream. However, if this objective is attainable for you and your family, then it may be a clever move to settle your mortgage balance. It will not only give your budget some breathing room, but will offer further security, especially in a housing crisis, and thus, allowing you to save more.

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