BREAKING NEWS – 5 top stories 11/01/2020

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As predicted only a few days ago 2021 will see some seismic collaborations, and Fixlo and Teclet are now to be joined at the hip, which will greatly enhance both the consumer ride – the UX, and give both sides potential new client streams.

In lots of ways it also makes both companies a more complete service, and many companies are looking to do similar strategic alliances to rapidly scale their offerings and services as the proptech sector begins to gently mature in the UK.


The push for an extension past 31st of March deadline, has been aided by Lockdown 3.0, at present the number of signatories on the petition to parliament is now over 50% subscribed, though there is a long way to go to get to the critical 100,000 target, before parliament ‘officially’ takes a look.

Anyone wanting to sign up in support is the place to go.


Over the weekend I read with interest that the Times is continuing its pursuit of the story around the internal machinations of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, highlighting the alleged draconian actions of those in high office and the sudden termination of some Non-Executive-Director’s a few years ago who wanted to hold RICS to account. Which if true begs the question what is happening to governance and professional standards in the industry?


Mike Cleary, an estate agent at Sheldon Bosley Knight, is behind the setting up of a Warwickshire grounded property portal, with the catchy small name ‘wearethemarket’, has hopes to roll the model out nationally if there is traction.


With his boyish looks the incumbent Housing secretary is showing his caring side once more, ‘We are extending the ban on bailiff evictions – helping to protect the most vulnerable renters.’ A converse view is now finding a loud voice from many sectors from the National Residential Landlords Association through to Landlords themselves on the cutting edge.

Having personally spoken to a number of Letting agents in the past week, the vibe at the moment is that many Landlords are trying very hard to broker tenant packages that will help all stakeholders, but there is an increasing pressure building, and the government continually kicking things into the long grass will only result in bigger problems down the line.


If you have a view – please let us all know by emailing me at [email protected] – Andrew Stanton Executive Editor – moving property and proptech forward.

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