Buy a property in one of these cities – you won’t regret it

You wake up in bed with the morning sun streaking through the window, the heat rising in your intricately furbished bedroom. The temperature may be warm, but that hasn’t spoiled your desire for a piping hot coffee on your balcony, from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the simmering city below.

These are the kinds of wake-up calls that feel like pipe dreams in the UK, a place where you’re more likely to be greeted by a smothering of grey storms than a tropical paradise.

That’s why most citizens of dear old Blighty, no matter how much they love their home team, foster a passion to move abroad – preferably to somewhere where the sky isn’t overcast 324 days of the year.

While this era of COVID-19 and flight restrictions might not be the best time to start your life as an expat, it’s the perfect time to start making plans and laying down some tracks.

To help you build on the foundations of your aspirations, we’ve found a few countries that are teeming with property paradises. So take a look and get saving!

Lisbon, Portugal

If your idea of good living involves throngs of tourists, near-guaranteed safety on the city streets, and architecture to die for, then Lisbon is the perfect city for you.

The capital city of Portugal is a property haven for any would-be Lisbonites and, as observed by estate agent gurus Property Lisbon, boasts a number of enticing tax incentives for anyone searching for a strategic investment destination.

Surrounding whichever property you choose will be Lisbon’s famous composite of Roman, Gothic and Baroque architecture, examples of which are dotted throughout this colourful and wholly unique city.

This is a location where old clashes with new in inventive and exciting ways – making it perfect for property hunters with an eye for classical culture.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden is viewed as a city of innovation by many, bringing together the best in music, design, fashion and technology in its colourful buildings to make it one of the most vibrant locations on the planet.

Beyond its technical innovations, Stockholm is a city that seems to care for its citizens. It’s consistently topped the UN’s World Happiness Report, and the country as a whole takes a healthy approach to work-life balance that could teach others a few lessons.

What’s more, purchasing a property as a foreigner is a fairly simple process in Sweden, and will rarely involve the services of a lawyer. Property prices aren’t the cheapest in the world, but this is a worthwhile investment.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Long and peaceful canals, gut-busting food made with delicacy and care, more friendly cyclists than the Tour de France, and jazz bars that are the life and soul of the party – this is just a tiny list of the marvels of Copenhagen, and it’s by no means exhaustive.

Here lies a city that’s proud of its culture, and selective of those who move there. That means that purchasing a home in Copenhagen isn’t easy. You’ll have to make the city the ‘centre of your life’, and purchasing permits will have to be authorised by the country’s Ministry of Justice.

But the rigmarole of snapping up a property in Denmark is more than made up for by the exceptional quality of life you can enjoy in Copenhagen. This is a property investment you won’t regret.

That’s our list! Spotted any property hotspots abroad you’d like to draw our attention to? Then let us know in the comments below!

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