Calling all Estate Agents! is the UK’s no. 1 property marketplace, providing free property advertising for estate agents and a fresh source of buyer, vendor and valuation leads. Find out how your agency can benefit from TheHouseShop’s services today.


“As we all know, the property market is crowded. There are big players and smaller agents all competing for listings, buyers and services. That’s why I take notice of anything that I can to give me the edge over my competition.

I started using TheHouseShop because they have a bank of motivated people selling and buying homes; it’s an absolute goldmine! I list on the website to offer sellers free professional valuations. Okay, sometimes people just want a second opinion on valuation, but more than 75% need professional help during the selling process and guess who they come back to… me!

It’s a great place for new leads, as we call them. On top of that, I list my entire inventory for free and even use their viewing services when we are too stretched. It was a no-brainer for me, we have saved a bit on outsourcing our other professional services to TheHouseShop, which meant we kept a firm eye on generating new business. A fresh source of new leads, free listings help with viewings and savings and all kinds of services; that’s my edge.

Would I recommend TheHouseShop to other agents?

Some things in business are best kept to yourself.”

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