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Home and Living

move home

A simple Guide on when to move home.

If you’re thinking on shifting your home-whether that’s into a rented accommodation or property you’re procuring—you may think if there’s a right time or season ...
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New Age Pensioners: giving more control to over-55s.

The long-awaited and hotly-debated pension reforms have finally come into force today (6 April). Now, anyone over 55 years old will be allowed to choose ...
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Bringing your home to life.

Homebase announced plans to shut 80 of its 323 stores at the end of last year, with the chain's parent, Home Retail Group; claiming that ...
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Top Tips for a Cost-Effective Turnaround on an Investment Property.

Top Tips for a Cost-Effective Turnaround on an Investment Property Meta description: Closing your first purchase on an investment property is a very exciting moment, ...
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What is a written repair request?

The deregulation bill which plans to make revenge evictions illegal is back in the House of Lords this week for its final review before being ...
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How to take care of the home interior when you live in a rental.

Living in a rental is just as a responsible task as living in your own home. You need to maintain the place, pay the bills, ...
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choosing the right estate agent


When it comes to selecting the right estate agent for the sale of your property, it can be a daunting process, hopefully the following post ...
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House staging: the power of first impressions.

Last Saturday I decided to kill two birds with one stone (or combine ‘pleasant’ with ‘productive’ as they say in Polish), so I grabbed some ...
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