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Your roof needs replacing? Or just a selection of tiles? The amount of damage of course affects the costs to repair or replace. Often, replacing the tiles is the solution. The wear and tear suffered by your roof in wind and rain is quite terrific each year. The UK has experienced its stormy weather quota lately and they keep coming around the Winter months.

How can you make sure that you have a high quality roof able to withstand years of harsh weather? And what are the costs?

Do assess the damage but before attempting any DIY or ringing up a tradesman locally, time to consider your budget versus costs. So, some quick tips on UK property roof tile replacement costs in the UK.

Tiled Roofs

Look around your neighbourhood, and you’ll quickly see that most of the homes have tiled roofs. Although you may think all tile roofs cost the same amount, you would be mistaken. The most inexpensive material is clay tile, but if you want something higher-end, you may want to go with slate tile. While clay will last for around 50 years, a properly installed slate tile roof can last for up to 100 years.

If you only want to replace one or two missing tiles, you’ll pay between £100 to £200. However, for a completely new roof, the costs will be much higher. A clay tile will run about £4,350 for materials and labour. If you choose slate, expect to pay around £6,800. While a clay roof takes about 5-7 days to install, plan for a 9-day project if you select slate.

Flat Roofs

You’ll commonly find flat roofs on external buildings, such as garages or extensions. These roofs are very affordable. Most are constructed out of timber and covered with a waterproof felt. Although flat roofs do not last as long as tile, they are very durable against the wind. A high-quality, felt roof can last for 20-30 years.

The total cost to reroof a flat roof depends on the size of the building. For example, if you have a single garage, it may run around £780 to £1025. A more extensive conservatory roof will cost between £805 to £1,180. The lower end of the pricing spectrum reflects a felt roof, and the higher cost is for PVC or fibreglass. It only takes 1-2 days to install a new flat roof.

Hidden Costs

The figures stated above reflect the cost of labour and materials. However, these numbers are exclusive of VAT, which you will need to figure in your total budget. And the extent of the repairs such as the aftermath of storm damage. If the roofers need any scaffolding, which is highly likely, you’ll pay an additional £400 to erect, depending on how much is required. Any changes to the fascia, soffits, or guttering are also not calculated into the above estimates. Most roofers recommend replacing the items at the same time.

How to Save on Costs

Not everyone can afford a new roof, but you also can’t bear to be without a functioning roof. If you have a tight budget, ask a roofer if a few repairs will hold you over for now. Repairing a roof is much cheaper than installing a new one. However, if you go this route, start saving now for a reroof in the future.

Be sure to ask around and get several quotes before you hire a tradesperson. Most experts agree that three quotes are enough. Do take note, however, that the most affordable offer is not always the best one. Make sure the person you choose has plenty of experience and stands behind their work.

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