Chris May is on a mission to give power back to the agents – join him

Up until the late 1990’s and the arrival of property portals, estate agents were the biggest beasts in the property jungle. Then things changed, and all their housing inventory became diced and sliced onto a big digital billboard, where their natural branding disappeared sacrificed on a search criteria of price, house type and postcode.

Quite literally as the years passed, agencies who had used local connections and huge spends on printed newspaper advertising to herald their brand, found their marketing reach dwindle. The public were still buying and selling, renting, and letting, but the power was now concentrated in the portal space.

With the reach of technology increasing, the use of the internet and cloud computing, the typical property consumer suddenly became tech savvy, and the power of agents became increasingly marginalised.

Helping estate agents grow

Realising that this silent and almost invisible encroachment was occurring Founder and CEO Chris May, decided to do something about this – giving the power back to agents, nurturingAI was born.

NurturingAI – Chris May believes, leverages agents brand awareness, places the customer at the centre of an agent’s service, drives profits and gives power back to agents. As they will be able to analyse and own better data from their clients, rather than it being monetised by a third party.

By seeing the big picture and the changing habits of consumers, the research team at nurturingAI realised that huge brands like e-commerce platform Amazon use omni-channel marketing, as it gives the consumer the UX, the heightened user experience they want.

With nurturingAI, agents can utilise omni-channel marketing as well, ensuring they have a plug and play fully integrated and unified marketing/sales campaigns across all communication platforms and social media channels. The beauty is, it gives agents according to Chris May, the power to act like a super brand, if you have hundreds of offices or just one.

Brand awareness on repeat

Omni-channel marketing generates greater brand volume, by continuously putting an agent’s brand in front of consumers, time and time again, across many different channels. Much better than many agents who have a scattergun approach or no approach at all. Also it fine tunes which platforms a certain customer prefers, as well as the type of messaging that they are more receptive towards.

Putting the customer first

The pandemic has seen some companies thrive and others go backwards, with brands that adopt an omnichannel strategy better placed to ‘nurture’ their customer’s needs. Many agents use one form of social media, maybe Facebook, but with nurturingAI, agent’s get their messaging across as many channels and platforms as possible. Generating leads and financial opportunities and getting them first in line as the agent of choice.

By putting the customer at the front and centre of your marketing efforts, agents can get to know their specific needs and wants better to ensure they are providing them with the content and services that they actually need, not merely the properties/services that you want them to buy.

Larger profits and more operational clarity

By focusing on producing marketing content and collateral that can be easily repurposed across as many different channels and mediums as possible, agents are getting the maximum reach and exposure for their brand and company, with the minimum possible effort and resources required on your part. Marketing can be streamlined and optimised.

Efficiency is driven in the form of better synergy between the various departments within agents businesses. With everything better connected and integrated, everyone in that business is clearer on what specific marketing messages are being promoted, aiding internal communication.

Agents data- its yours and we help you make sense of it

There is a huge debate around who owns the client and who owns the data, when relating to the estate agency space. With nurturingAI and with their smart learning, omnichannel marketing platform, there is no grey area. The data really is exclusively the agents.

Which means agents can collate customer data from disparate channels and systems including site cookies, social media, device IDs, mailing lists and more. This data insight leverages an agency’s understanding of a customers’ behaviour. So, they can implement more effective, ROI marketing campaigns in the future. Ensuring better engagement and conversion rates producing higher profit.

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