Cool Furniture Pieces to Increase the Value of your Rental Apartment

Furniture is an essential part of home decor providing comfort, utility and a rich ambiance.

A sofa that functions as a bed, a bed you can use as a table: smart furniture is the music of the new generation. Thanks to the sudden upsurge in population living spaces have never been more limited and we need to adjust. The quality of furniture in your apartment influences the rent you will pay.

Consumers are on the lookout for high-quality functional furniture that transforms small spaces into extraordinary havens. Turn your apartment into the ultimate hangout space with these cool furniture pieces.

  1. Convertible Sofa:

If you are shopping for a couch for your living room you’ll prefer one that takes up less space and provides a maximum sitting arrangement for your guests. A convertible sofa provides space for two or more plus a center table.

Some convertible sofas can be converted into beds making it a great option if you live in a small apartment and finally have guests sleep over.

  1. Full body massage chair recliner:

If you are prone to back pains or just want to relax after a tiresome day, you’ll love this chair. Ditch those pricey masseuse appointments and invest in this massage chair. Featuring a zero-gravity surround space capsule, relax your body from head to toe.

You also get to choose from 4 different preset massage programs. Some chairs feature a foot roller function for an effective foot massage and a built-in waist heater to promote blood circulation and improve metabolism.

  1. Adjustable bed:

Good night sleep is crucial for your physical wellbeing, mental health and a daily dose of energy. With this adjustable bed, you get to control your sleeping position for quality shut-eye every night.

You can adjust the firmness and support to suit your needs and maximize your comfort. You get to choose the height of your base that’s convenient with you. Check out for the best adjustable beds.

Most adjustable beds come with a wireless remote for foot or head control, instant leveling and massage.

  1. High tech coffee table:

Want a coffee table that plays music and keeps your beer cold? This is it. This smart table is not your average cup holder and footrest. This table is equipped with three drawers: one is a refrigerator and the other two are for storage.

When watching a big game you don’t need to get go to the kitchen for another beer. all you have to do is reach forward and voila! There’s your chilled beer. Plus you get to sync the table to your mobile device via Bluetooth and play music from the built-in speakers. The table comes with a set of controls which lets you adjust the volume.

  1. Armrest table:

No more coffee spills thanks to these clever couch armrest trays. These miniature tables are designed to fit most armchairs and sofas and are perfect for resting your drink if you don’t have room for a coffee table or want to have your drink at arm’s length.

What’s great, these stylish pieces have a handy phone holder too and are super affordable. They save you serious space if you live in a cramped apartment.

  1. Smart Vanity:

Say goodbye to your old mirror. How do a creative and stunning vanity that doubles up like an ironing board and an accessory cabinet sound? This smart mirror has an inside cabinet to help you accessorize with ease while you dress up. And once you are done, you get to tilt it and lock it in place and use it as an ironing board. It’s a very interesting piece that combines 3 functions used consecutively.

  1. Wireless charging table:

Spruce your living room with this genius and ridiculously stylish table. Ditch those unsightly wires with FurniQi wireless charging side table. This elegant bamboo table features a Qi wireless charging point marked by a laser engraving. It charges up numerous devices ranging from phones to laptops. All you have to do is check the website for compatibility.

  1. A coffee table that doubles up as your laptop:

How does a coffee table that provides more than a place to perch your drinks sound? Well, smart is on the rage and we are lusting on this touch screen coffee table. It features an opaque glass surface which doubles up as a Mac computer or a PC.

You can access the PC with a single swipe of your fingertip. Browse online, read the headlines, play digital board games or check out your vacation snaps with ease. It comes with a set of controls such as lights, heating, security or voice recognition which you can customize to suit your needs.

  1. Beauty guru mirror:

Don’t we want it all? Get your beauty guru at the comfort of your lair. Scoop up this beauty obsessed mirror with tons of controls and commands to suit various functions. The HiMirror Plus+ assesses your skin condition. And it pinpoints any skin issues like acne, red spots, wrinkles, fine lines or open pores to help you target your problem areas.

It features LED lighting to stimulate five different lightings to transform you into a makeup extraordinaire for any occasion.

This smart mirror links to an app on your smartphone to help you track your skin health and recommends which products suit your skin. Add a luxe touch to your home with a piece of heaven on earth.

Final thoughts:

Dressing your home takes style and convenience to an extra mile and commands a higher monthly rent. Convenience is all the rage right now and especially with the upsurge of the middle-class generation.

The furnished property is in demand and with good reason. We all want to walk into a complete home with everything we need in place from essential furniture pieces to elegant decor.

But not all furniture will significantly raise the value of an apartment. Signature furniture pieces that ensure smart living will have you paying a pretty dime but are a worthy investment.


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