Dos And Don’ts For House Staging

Technology advantage is fantastic. It really helped many real estate agents sell properties during pandemic times, especially with apps like virtual tours. It didn’t hinder the social distancing rules and the possibility that more potential customers can see the property without leaving the comforts of their current home. Though the rules have laxed a bit, and we are slowly but surely getting back to normal, we are not stopping using these fantastic apps. But there are still many rules and etiquettes that you cannot ignore while setting up and filming your virtual tour.

Staging still plays an integral role. It opens up the possibilities to the customers of what can be done to a particular space. A good staging can sell a property quicker. In contrast, poor staging will put customers off and make your property sit on the market longer than it should be. It will force you to lower your asking price and even make an easy target for negotiations and leverage to go way lower than you initially wanted.

Size Does Matter

Just because it’s a small space does not mean only small and minimal furniture will work in the area. You can add a few bulky or bold pieces to the room. But keep proportion in mind! For instance, it’s not going to work if you add a whole bedroom suite of bulky furniture in the space. The customer will not be able to envision what they can do in the room because the area is taken up by furniture. So instead, focus on just a bulky dresser or side tables.

Pretty As A Picture

If your walls are all white, add a tad of colour. There are many ways to achieve this. Adding a few art pieces is the easiest way. Even if your art pieces are small, framing them in a fabulous and bold frame can do the trick. There are many places where you can get it done, like Best4Frames or visiting an antique shop if you’re looking for a vintage feel. Don’t overdo it. It may look cluttered. And stay away from family pictures. You want your customers to envision the house as their potential home, not think about the current family staying there.

Bring In Nature

A home is all about living life, and what better way than plants to represent life. Bringing in a few pot plants into any space adds not only colour but also the living element. Be a bit diverse and make sure that the plants are different sizes.

Outsource The Job

Many real estate agents instead outsource this job to companies that specialise in staging. It takes the pressure off their shoulders. These companies typically have warehouses full of furniture which they use on the job. Contact a few of these companies and get quotes. Look at their profiles and success rates before deciding which one will work for you.

Staging a house is not just about filling spaces. It creates an illusion of possibilities. Yes, it is a costly exercise, but the pay-off is so much more.

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