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The Estate and Letting Agents Association UK (ELAA-UK) has always assisted it’s members to increase revenues, brand awareness and customer satisfaction as well as advise agents on how to turnaround new instructions as quickly as possible so it was no surprise when they announced that they were going one step further by launching a new initiative for their members to help them optimise every aspect of their business and stay ahead of both online only agencies and their local competitors.

The new initiative that includes a comprehensive information and advice pack is backed by personal advice and assistance from ELAA-UK and third party organisations appointed by the association. It is aimed at increasing revenue, productivity and brand awareness as well as obtaining more clients and increasing interest in properties before they are even listed on a property portal.

The information pack is extremely well presented and very comprehensive, in addition to increasing revenues it also discloses marketing advice, negotiating tips, informs branch owners/managers how to increase morale and productivity, it discusses the value of staff and how to retain good employees. It also offers comprehensive advice on improving sales techniques, an array of business topics and much more.

An ELAA-UK spokesperson said that ‘the information pack has been compiled by ELAA-UK with a number of consultants and advisors including business consultants, marketing advisors, legal specialists, HR advisors and many more. It is designed to provide estate and letting agents with a comprehensive guide to improve their business and increase new instructions, sales and turnaround times. Both the information pack and the advice we provide is designed to be as practical as possible and has been compiled specifically for estate and letting agents in the UK. The information pack has been compiled in sections for various levels of staff within a branch so there is advice for everyone working in an estate or letting agency. The information and following support is all a part of the ELAA-UK membership benefits and is free to our members together with free access to all of our appointed consultants and advisors.’

This initiative is another way in which ELAA-UK is ensuring that their members are able to continue growing and are staying ahead of the threat posed by online only agents and other local agents. It is highly recommended and provides excellent and practical advice not only for the owners/managers but for everyone working in an estate or letting agency.

To find out more about The Estate and Letting Agents Association UK visit their website at www.elaa-uk.org

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