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With gas safety week beginning this week we’d like to express to every property professional how vital it is to check the compliance needs for every single one of your properties. Whether its gas, fire or electrical compliance, you’re required to conduct yearly checks on each property you let or sell. By conducting these yearly checks, you’ll be covered if any problems occur putting your tenants at risk. Gas safety week will highlight the dangers of not continually checking your properties and keeping a valid gas safety certificate. Click below to find out more:



At VTUK, we’re also supporting the recent legislation, stating that carbon monoxide detectors be installed in every property. This legislation is set to be introduced and is being backed by the government, meaning you’ll be covered if any accident was to happen, as well as protecting your tenants and property. Carbon monoxide can be deadly and has contributed to 200 people being hospitalised each year, with over 40 fatalities. http://www.propertyindustryeye.com/carbon-monoxide-detectors-set-legal-requirement-rental-homes/

gas safety week

All this week on our Twitter page we’ll be highlighting the dangers of not regularly checking compliance and how to comply with regulations to keep your properties safe. Overall we’d like to highlight how agents should continually check their gas, fire and electrical hazards, in each individual property they let or are planning to sell.

If you’re struggling with your compliance needs, please feel free to contact VTUK on 0800 328 0460 or visit us on http://www.vtuk.com/.


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