Estate Agent escapes driving ban after positive Cannabis test

Estate Agent Driving Ban

Whilst parked up in a layby at The Dale, Wirksworth a female estate agent tested positive for cannabis and was interviewed by police. The driver of the Audi TT holding passengers, a female, when tested gave a result of 7.7mg of cannabis in her system when the legal limit is 2.

She received 10 penalty points on her licence, was fined £200 and was ordered to pay £85 in costs and a £32 victim surcharge.” Full story

On this occasion the judge took on board that the said female was sorry for her actions and felt ashamed plus any ban of driving would have meant loss of the position at work she held.

The prosecutor in this case was quoted as saying: “There was a small amount of cannabis in the car and she tested positive. She was interviewed by police and said that she had picked up a friend to go to a local viewing point, and there were other friends meeting them at that location. She said she had no intention of driving home after smoking the cannabis.

So is this simply a case where the judge / justice system is weak and not applying the correct punishment for the crime – Or is it a case of common sense being used and that such a scare to the said female estate agent would mean she goes on to be a better person? The latter sounds a nicer story…

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