Five things you need to know before updating your office.

When updating you window displays it is important to ask yourself what would make you stop and take the time to see what’s on offer?

Window displays are so much more than a colourful display that looks good. Whilst this is important, the display needs to be well branded and enticing to draw the customer inside. The first objective is to get the customer looking at your windows; secondly by using stylish interiors can aid the customer in actually coming inside.

We at Fairfield Displays have come up with five things you must consider when deciding on a supplier to revamp your display.

  1. Windows: Anyone can just fill a window – what’s needed is a layout that will enhance your brand and will make stand out from any local competition.
  2. Interiors: It is no longer just a case of laying out desks and painting the walls and putting a few property displays on the walls. Today’s modern offices are using large graphics, digital signage, logos and sales messages and a range of different style maps. All this needs to be pulled together.
  3. Design: Getting the design right can make a huge difference. Select a supplier with a true design service that works to scale and takes into account your external and internal building structure. A company that supply free 3D visuals that are incredibly realistic enables customers to see how colour and graphics can transform even the smallest office.
  4. Service: You will need to find a team of people that are passionate about working with clients to achieve their dream office. Local consultants with local knowledge who can visit your office in person. A company that will provide clients with a proposal that covers every aspect of the installation so that there are no surprises later.
  5. After Sales Service: A company that truly stands behind their guarantees from the quality of product and on site work. A company where attention to detail is important. A company that goes the extra mile to ensure customers are more than happy.

Getting a quote for the cheapest display does not mean it is going to be the best option. It is vital to have quality products and guidance when deciding on design and layout and it may even cost more in the long run.

Estate Agency Window Displays

“I met a number of your competitors, but none had your enthusiasm and positivity, which is why you got the contract, so well done. I will have no hesitation in recommending your services, but secretly I hope no one else knows about you, so that we remain unique for some time!” Anthony Flint @ Gamlins, North Wales.

Find out how your office could look, to contacts us you can call 01252 757 537 or email. Alternatively, you can visit our website for some great ideas and inspiration. You will be amazed what can be done even on a small budget.

Alex Evans

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