House Pricing in UK 2015

How house pricing is managed in UK ??

The average London home will cost more than 1 million English pounds  by 2030, according to new analysis as strong jobs growth and a chronic housing shortage keeps pushing up prices, strong growth population and higher employment combined with a shortage of housing would lead house prices above £1m by 2030,which is double the current average of £490,000

What is the best place in London to buy from ??

the best place to buy in london

Oxford Economics said if the rapid rise in population growth coincided with “an increasing divergence between those with high and low incomes, then it will mean affordability problems for people on low incomes. Of course a lot will depend on the rate of house building.” and at some point the market experts related their forecast for London’s population and employment  will revise upwards.

Growth in London is expected to continue to outpace European rivals including Paris and Frankfurt, with investments in infrastructure from the private and public sector expected to boost growth “for many years to come”.


Total emplyement

Employment in London is expected to grow slightly faster than official projections suggests, While employment growth in the capital expected to slow down to an average of just below 1 pc a year to 2030, compared with an average of 1.5 pc between 1991 and 2015,.This equates to an additional 800,000 jobs, compared to a rise of over one million jobs in the 2000-2015 period.

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