How To Showcase Your Skills on a Real Estate CV

As a real estate agent, you’ve got the skills, experience, and qualifications to make deals happen. But, convincing a real estate agency to hire you with just your written CV can be difficult – you’re a people person!

You likely already know that you need to include strong work experience and education sections on your real estate CV, so this article will cover additional ways to effectively showcase your skills to help you land a position at the agency of your dreams.

Not sure where to start with creating your real estate CV? Consider using a pre-made, professional CV format to jumpstart your job search.

Include a CV Summary or Objective

Real estate agency hiring managers are likely to spend less than 10 seconds scanning each CV that they receive, so it’s important to catch their attention immediately with a compelling CV summary or objective statement.

If you already have some experience as a real estate agent, use a CV summary to tell potential employers who you are, what you have to offer their agency in terms of your skills and experience, and what your career goals are. Use numbers and data to quantify your achievements wherever possible.

However, if you are just getting started as a real estate agent, you’ll want to use a CV objective instead. In this type of opening statement, showcase transferable skills that you’ve gained from past positions in other industries and outline your professional goals.

In either case, be sure to tailor your opening statement to each job opening and mention the real estate agency that you are applying to by name.

Use CV Keywords to Highlight Desirable Skills

Speaking of tailoring your CV introduction to each job opening, you’ll also want to tailor your skill section. Luckily this is easy to do – simply read through the job advert carefully to identify words and phrases that describe the skills, qualities, and experience that the employer desires in a candidate, and then use those same words and phrases on your CV to demonstrate that you are the best person for the position.

However, you don’t want it to look like you’ve just copied and pasted from the job description, so be sure to intersperse a few industry-specific keywords that aren’t listed as well. Here are some examples of hard and soft skills to mention on your real estate CV:

• Advertising
• Client lead generation
• Closing skills (persuasion, sales ability)
• Communication skills (verbal, non-verbal, written)
• Commercial real estate experience
• Digital staging software
• Escrow, deed, and title searches
• Event planning and management
• FHA loans and mortgages
• Friendliness
• High energy
• Honesty
• Integrity
• Knowledge of local area, property values, area trends, etc.
• Lead distribution system experience
• Marketing
• Multiple listing service (MLS) database experience
• Negotiation
• Networking
• Open houses and property viewing experience
• Property management
• Real estate/property management software knowledge
• Residential real estate

Use Optional CV Sections to Your Advantage

Finally, you can further reinforce your skills and qualifications by including optional CV sections that detail your real estate certifications and licenses as well as real estate and/or property management association memberships. If you have professional working proficiency in any foreign languages, include that on your CV as well – that opens up a whole new market for a real estate agency.

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