Key Tips On Finding The Perfect Turnkey Home For Your Family

What exactly is a turnkey home? This refers to a property that is already livable and is move-in ready. This means that after you purchase the house and it is time for you to move in, you will no longer have to undergo any repairs and renovations. It is basically like getting the perfect house of your dreams in an instant! These types of properties are very attractive to families, especially since repairs can always be an added stressor when there are children around.

To help you find the perfect turnkey home for your family, here is a list of tips to guide you along the way:

1. Decide on the specific type of family home that you would like.

Depending on your preference, needs, and lifestyle, each family’s choice of a home is different. There are numerous options for you to choose from, and your decision as a family can help narrow down your options for the best turnkey homes as well. Examples of possible family homes in the turnkey home real estate market can include:

• Condominiums
• Apartment buildings
• Multi-family units
• Single-family units

For instance, if you are a family with young kids who value some extra land and garden space, you are better off with choosing a single-family unit or a stand-alone home. If you are a couple with older kids that are off to college, then perhaps a condominium will work better for you, as you will not need all the extra space for play and toys anyway.

When looking for turnkey homes, you can also check online marketplaces for possible listings. But when you do, be sure to read reviews about online marketplaces, for instance, this Roofstock review.

2. Consider the needs of your family.

Turnkey homes are expected to be updated in terms of the latest features and appliances. However, before you get too overwhelmed and excited with the perfection of the turnkey homes you are looking at, do factor in the specific needs of your family again. Be sure that the features of the homes you are looking to buy match the particular needs of your family. By doing this, you are making yourself more aligned to paying only for the features of a home that are really relevant and necessary. Do you really need to have that swimming pool as an added feature? Or would you rather have another add-on instead?

To help make the whole process of finding the perfect turnkey home for you, while also factoring in all your specific needs and preferences, it is best for you to seek the help of a real estate agent. Whether you are the seller of a turnkey home, or a buyer, a real estate agent can help you meet your expectations. Even as a buyer, or as a seller, the do’s and don’ts in dealing with real estate agents are most likely just the same.

3. Select the location that truly makes you happy.

One of the factors that allow a home to spark you some joy is if the location is one that genuinely makes you happy. No matter how nicely done the house is, or how perfect it is when you move in, if the location is not the one that you are comfortable in, then you will be miserable for the entire time that you will be living in that home. The location of your house should be one that is also at par with your needs as a family. For example, if you are a family with young children, you might want to find turnkey properties that are close to schools and the central business district. If you are a family who loves to relax and take a break from the city life, with no young kids anymore, then you might want to consider choosing turnkey properties that are located on the more relaxing suburbs.

4. Do your research.

Choosing which home to purchase is not a decision that you should make haphazardly. It is one where you have to put so much thought process into. To make sure, therefore, that you have the best of the best, do your own research as well. It is only through thorough research that you can be considered a well-informed and prudent buyer. Buying a turnkey property costs more than ordinary real estate—and ordinary real estate is already a major purchase that you cannot just immediately return if you aren’t satisfied.

Buying a family home means that you are putting so much hard-earned money into the same, and you want to be sure that every amount invested in your turnkey home will turn out to be perfect and worth all the expense.


Despite the added costs that purchasing a turnkey property entails, the benefits that you can gain from it are still so great that it really is a more attractive option to go for. Every single dollar additionally spent on these seemingly perfect properties, compared with those that still need rehabilitation, always turn out to be worth it when you no longer have to face the additional stress of renovating. To help make sure that you have the best turnkey home for your family, remember these tips, and bring these along with you as you shop for your dream home.

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