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Meet Girasol Homes to see how they can help your UK estate agency business in 2019

Are you within easy reach of Basingstoke for the weekend of 17th May until the 19th May?
The team at Girasol Homes are in Basingstoke the weekend of 17th May until the 19th May and are supporting the launch of Sansome and Georges Overseas Property Division.
If you want to meet Nigel Salmon from Girasol Homes this is your ideal opportunity to do at the launch of the New Overseas Division. This is an ideal opportunity to get all your questions answered about offering your clients a second home in the sun
safely and securely with an established Overseas partner and develop a second lucrative income stream.
If you cant make it email [email protected]k or visit to see how Girasol can help your estate agency business in 2019 and beyond.
Nigel is available on +44 7791 890445 and he will be developing the UK business side of Girasol Homes throughout 2019.

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