Maximise your selling potential during winter.

How To Sell Your Home In The Winter

People seem to think that selling your home in the winter is a lot harder than it is in the summer. But there are actually a number of advantages to selling your home in the colder months. Take a look at our tips below and to see how you can maximise your selling potential.

Ice and snow

Potential buyers will run away if they can’t even walk down the drive-way without slipping over. It is best to clear all pathways of ice and snow. Your potential buyers should be able to walk all the way around the grounds of your home without feeling vulnerable or uncomfortable.


Most homeowners will keep the temperature as low as they can handle in the winter months to save money. If you know that someone is coming to view your home make sure it is nice and cosy inside. This will make the buyers happy and also make the whole house feel homely.


When winter arrives the nights draw in and the grey skies offer less natural light. You need to switch on all your lights and open all the curtains so that buyers can see where the natural light comes in. The buyers will feel welcome and will be able to see your home’s full potential.

If you have to show your house when the sun has gone down, turn on all your outside lights and open the curtains so the potential buyers can see the inside lit up as well.

It might be an idea to invest in some solar outdoor lights. This can light up the outside of your home and make it look magical as well.

Warm touch

You can really take advantage of the bad weather. A folded throw draped over the back of an armchair or a quilt on the bed can make a room look comfortable. Lighting the fire in the living room can really make a whole room feel warm and snug and really please potential buyers.


If you’re like me and go a little overboard with your Christmas decorations, try and resist the urge if your property is on the market.

Try and keep them to the minimum and keep them tasteful. You want your home to look festive but not distracting. When Christmas is over, take the decorations down.

Selling your throughout the year can be a tricky task in any case. Just make sure you have a plan and keep your home presentable, so when the potential buyers do stop by they will be blown away.

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