Save money on moving house in 2021 with these tips!

Planning a move is a challenging experience at the best of times. But if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on decoration, furniture and other things, it can be even more challenging!

Homeowners are becoming savvier with the rise of lifestyle hacks and DIY hacks; people can save more money around their home than ever before.

It’s a great time for somebody looking to move house this year to understand how they can save more money. Whether that’s because you’re a thrift machine or you’re the hands-on type who loves learning (rather than paying someone else) to do jobs around the house.

This guide is here to help you save as much money as possible this year. After all, Coronavirus has hit us all hard. It’s about time our wallets had something to smile about!

What are the biggest costs associated with moving house?

Other than the cost of the house itself and mandatory legal feels, home decoration is one the most expensive parts of moving house.

New wallpaper, new paint, new furniture and all that good stuff. The average person spends around £3k on this kind of thing.

Depending on the property’s size, costs can start to push £10,000 on furnishing your home. When you consider beds, sofas, white goods, garden furniture, it can become a bit much!

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you keep your costs low when moving house.

Ask your family and friends to chip in with removals.

Removals are expensive. Even the cheapest ones can cost a few hundred pounds; which is a lot of money when you think how much £££s it takes to move house!

That’s why it’s good to talk to your family, friends and neighbours about moving day. Perhaps they’re available on the moving-in day and could help transport some of your belongings over to the new place.

Depending on where you’re moving to, of course. It wouldn’t be fair to ask your family to drive six hours with your washing machine in the back of their estate.

But, if you’re moving locally, you could save yourself a lot of money by asking your loved ones. We’re sure that a pub lunch or dinner would be payment enough which is significantly cheaper than what you’d have to pay a UK removals company!

It does not matter how big or small the home removal process is. If you have goods that are valuable in nature or want to move them over longer distances, then asking experts to help out is a much better option than friends and family members. At the end of the day, you do not want any of your furniture or other household items to get damaged. Yes, you can ask them to chip in, but make sure you are making professional movers do all the heavy lifting.

Freecycle reusable items from your house

We all have a few things lying around our homes that we no longer use. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons people move in the first place: to unload everything they don’t need!

Making sure you make use of freecycle is a must when moving house. Simply put an advert up and let any local members know you’re throwing out your unwanted goods.
There’s no need to worry about these items. As long as they’re not too big or dangerous, then they can be picked up by someone else who may need them.

Or, you could actually make some money by selling your good on eBay, Facebook Marketplace and, Gumtree.

Being paid to de-clutter your house and saving on potential moving costs – success!

Furnish your house on a budget without sacrificing style

When moving house, people often think that they can’t afford to spare the time and money for a proper house tour or decor.

And you know what? That’s totally fine!

One of the best ways to make sure you’re not spending too much on decoration is using online marketplaces. You can find all kinds of items on sites like eBay, from cheap furniture to paintings and wall decorations that will give your house a great look.

Furnishing your house on a budget doesn’t have to mean you sacrifice style. The critical thing to remember when decorating your home is to make sure you stick with colour schemes.

You could even get creative with some DIY ideas by using things like found objects, such as old newspapers and books, wooden pictures frames and some fun coloured paper!

Save money on furniture storage.

It can be surprising, but depending on the type of furniture you have, you can afford to store your furniture during your move.

If you’re moving house with a few large items such as sofas and beds, then it’s easy to find a storage unit. There are loads of places online that allow you to rent out furniture storage for a small fee.

But what about those items that aren’t always in your way? Your chairs, lamps and other smaller items can be stored inside the house!

We recommend putting them up on top of cupboards (if possible) in your loft or, garage. It’s a speedy way to put your smaller items away before the day of your move without having to part ways with your money first.

Cancel your council tax

Sure, you might be moving house. But, that doesn’t mean that you should pay your council tax twice!

Whether you’ve just moved or you’re just moving your goods out of the house and into storage, it’s essential to contact the council to make sure they know.

Otherwise, what happens to that money when you move?

It’s often overlooked by people who are moving house, but it can quickly become quite costly. This applies to all bills (water, gas, electricity). You must call up your providers and let them know you are no longer the occupier of your current address as soon as you’ve moved.

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