Six tech upgrades to boost your home security

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It is natural to want to keep your home as secure as possible. Thankfully advances in technology have made this easier than ever before. With advancing security systems, high tech locks, and even live streaming security cameras, the possibilities are almost endless.

Of course, not all of these are suitable for the home environment – but many are. Here we take a look at six fantastic tech upgrades to your home security that you could easily have installed today.

  1. Automate your garage door

It is often overlooked by homeowners, but the garage door is actually one of the most common targets for entry into home by criminals. This means it is important that you should put time and investment into improving your current door. A door with a broken mechanism or a weak lock can be an easy target.

To choose the most secure garage door for your home it is important to opt for the right type of garage door. There are many different options including up-and-over and side-hinged doors, but the most secure are the roller and sectional garage doors. However, these doors are at their most effective when combined with technology. They can be motorised and controlled remotely through apps or remote controls.

  1. Add a video doorbell

One of the most celebrated recent tech innovations in home security comes in the form of the video doorbell. This doorbell not only works like a normal doorbell, it also submits a live stream video taken by a camera on the doorbell to your smartphone or device. This allows you to check who is at your door without any being at home or getting up to answer.

It might sound implausible, but many criminals will actually simply ring the doorbell before attempting to gain entry to confirm that no-one is home. When they realise that they are streaming a live video of their face, they will be put off considering your home as a target.

  1. Biometric door locks

We are used to locks with keys, and that’s all well and good for as long as that key isn’t stolen. So, for a new layer of security many homeowners are looking into options that do not involve keys – or uses them as a part of process of entry. In their place, people are looking into tech possibilities such as fingerprint scanners.

It might still seem like futuristic technology but it is actually possible to have fingerprint and biometric door locks installed on your home door. This can be done at a price that is much lower than you might imagine and can make for the kind of entry system that impresses guests and shows off to any potential criminal that you take security seriously.

  1. Motion sensing lights

Another worthwhile tech security upgrade for your property might be something that you have overlooked in the past. Motion sensing lights are sometimes thought of purely as a convenient way to provide light when you return late or have visitors arriving in the evening. But they actually work well as a deterrent to criminals too.

When a potential burglar finds themselves illuminated when snooping around your property it can be more than enough to put them off considering your property a target.

  1. Home CCTV

You may wish to take your home security a step further, and a great option here for those who are most security conscious is to have CCTV installed. Of course, CCTV has the benefit of catching on camera any events if you do suffer a break in, or any other kind of crime at your property. But even better is its power as a deterrent.

If decide to have CCTV installed at your property, make sure they are clearly visible, and even consider signposting them to show potential criminals that they are being watched.

  1. Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is becoming popular as a method of security. It means that someone will be keeping an eye on your home when you aren’t there. Your security system can provide alerts to a remote monitoring system that will be manned 24/7.

Security specialists can then view security camera feeds, and alert any authorities if an incident was to occur in your home.

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