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Staying Social in the Property Market

Kremer Signs are strong believers that social media is one of the key marketing tools available for any business in today’s world.


Over the past year we have invested a lot of time in creating various social media platforms whereby we promote current deals, showcase completed work, drive traffic through to our website or generally interact with existing or potential new clients. There is no other form of marketing that can achieve all of this, and is FREE!

Twitter is the main hub of our social media marketing at Kremer Signs (@KremerSignsUK), proving to be the most effective in interacting direct with the property market. Buy following our existing client base and potential new customers, we have a great timeline in places where we can keep an eye on the market and see what the popular topics are throughout the industry, which gives us a great insight into the world of Estate Agents.

We have also joined up to the EAUK100 which is a leader board for suppliers to the property market and based on the amount of interaction and quality of content, you can make it into the top 500 which our main twitter account and Kremer Rep (@KremerSignsTom & @KremerSignJames) accounts manage to achieve top 30 on a regular bases!

To make Twitter as effective as possible, it is important to integrate it with other social media platforms. We use Pinterest as a site to display our completed work and general images which is a great way of showcasing our work to agents and to also share to the masses through twitter account. Linked In is also a very good way of interacting on a personal level with your customer base, and to also share news pieces and promotions with your connections.

The newest platform available is Google+, which I must say personally, is rapidly becoming my favourite. Easy and simple to use, with a great range of features available as well. If you are a blogger it gives you the ability to share you post in a visually friendly format, and if you are looking to showcase your completed work, it has great tools available to make your photos and images reach their full visual impact capabilities. It appears that Google+ have taken on all the positives from rival social media sites and merged them into one place, which leads me to believe that Google+ could potentially become the superior social platform.

If you can make the most of social media and build up a good follower base throughout all platforms, it can be a very successful way of marketing your company and the best way to monitor the market and build upon your customer relations.


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