The best apps for UK house buyers in 2021

Buying a house can be stressful. In fact, the entire process is said to be one of the most stressful experiences in life. From the tiresome search to the hassle of moving into a new home, house-hunting can be tough, even if you’re with some of the top agents in the country. It’s simply the nature of the task at hand.

Thanks to the ongoing advancements made in our smartphones, people are using various apps to make their search for a dream home go more smoothly. It’s the way of the world now, with an app for practically everything. Smartphones allow us to check emails, watch movies on Netflix, and even access sites like Mansion, which offers hundreds of the very best online casino games. This type of offering extends into the property world, with many impressive apps coming to the fore in recent times. Some apps provide detailed house listings, while others might give you useful advice ahead of making what is a massive decision.

In order to help you with your house-hunting, here is a look at some of the best apps for UK house buyers in 2021.


A reputable website with years of experience in the game, Rightmove registers over 130 million visits every month as it continues to help potential homeowners hugely. The app comes with a comprehensive selection of houses to explore in your desired area, it will save any of your preferences in terms of what you want in a property, and it saves all of your favourite properties too. A slick and easy to use creation, Rightmove is an excellent option.

Mortgage Calculator UK

Figuring out your maximum budget is obviously an important part of any house search. In order to determine your budget, download Mortgage Calculator UK. The app will work out any monthly mortgage costs you might have, with all estimates factoring in the possibility of interest rates rising. The Mortgage Calculator UK grants users access to expert mortgage advisors as and when they need it, too.


A property portal giant boasting similar success to the aforementioned Rightmove, Zoopla features an extensive selection of houses to browse. Additionally, users can enjoy its GPS technology feature, which allows you to see which properties are for sale as you explore your local area. The app also features property value reports. You can save any houses you warm to, and even share them with family and friends too. Zoopla has you covered with pretty much everything.


Different from the other property search apps on this list, PlaceBuzz combines the properties listed on all the major websites into one single app to make the overall experience painless and far less of a hassle. A neat and tidy creation, the app also features Google street view built-in, and you can receive notifications on any properties that fit your criteria also.

Crime Map England & Wales

In order to avoid a crime hotspot, consider downloading the Crime Map England & Wales app. With real crime statistics and up to date information on areas throughout the UK, it’s an app worth checking out before you make the big decision.


Moving to a new area and not too sure what exactly it has to offer? Then download AroundMe. A popular app right now, AroundMe gives users a clear overview of what a specific area has to offer, from local shops to restaurants to a variety of services. You can access maps, read various reviews, and make sure the area is for you before you decide on a property.

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